Ever been told that you’re “too demanding”? For years, that phrase has been wielded as a way to insult women, but at John Frieda Haircare, a cult favourite haircare brand that needs no introduction, there’s nothing but great admiration for change-making women who demand more. In fact, it believes we need more of these uncompromising women and that we should amplify their powerful voices.

It’s a belief that inspired the brand’s new initiative, “Fund the Demanding”, which pledges to help women who have a strong vision for change reach their goals. The program is centred around a game-changing $10,000 donation to one demanding woman’s cause. The fiscal element is crucial, but John Frieda Haircare’s support goes even further: It is also providing publicity for this individual’s voice, elevating it in the public sphere.

gem girls 3 john frieda

This year, John Frieda Haircare has chosen Rochelle de Goias-Jackman as their “Fund the Demanding” Ambassador. She’s the Toronto-based founder of Girls E-Mentorship (GEM), a charity that provides research-based mentorship to racialized high school girls from low-income communities in the Greater Toronto Area. For de Goias-Jackman, GEM is a platform for providing every girl with the opportunity to achieve success. Her goals? To advance inclusive economic growth, push for more diversity in C-suite positions and inspire thousands of girls to reach their full potential.


For a program like GEM, the donation from John Frieda Haircare will go a long way toward its goal of breaking down barriers. The grant will support the development of its in-the-works expansion model. “In the very near future, we will be scaling the entire organization to help more girls across the province,” de Goias-Jackman adds. “It’s a key piece with a lasting impact.”

For de Goias-Jackman, the effect of “Fund the Demanding” will be a cumulative one, motivating current and future generations to advocate for their communities. “Demanding women ask more of themselves and of others—they are high achievers, thought leaders, innovators and differentiators,” she says. “Funding their ideas will create real impact because demanding women will not accept anything less.”

To learn more about the “Fund the Demanding” initiative, click here!