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For decades, many have sought to empower women leaders across all fields. Yet more work remains to achieve equal representation. The Ms World pageant is a pioneering platform that celebrates women’s leadership potential.

Ms World transcends traditional beauty pageants by honouring established women leaders over physical appearance alone, spotlighting contestants’ skills, achievements and community impact.

Founded by model and luxury-brand ambassador Melisa Gun, Ms World allows women to showcase their unique qualities and talents for leadership and positively impact their communities and beyond.


Redefining Beauty Standards and Empowering Successful Women to Take the Stage

Unlike pageants focused narrowly on aesthetics, Ms World celebrates the real-world achievements of women leaders aged 18 to 50 across diverse industries. This shift further empowers contestants by showcasing their ambitious contributions.

“Unlike its predecessors, Ms World values a broad spectrum of success, recognizing that women’s accomplishments extend far beyond aesthetics,” says Gun.



The pageant honours achievements in entrepreneurship, community service, arts, sciences and advocacy, showcasing the multi-faceted nature of modern womanhood. This shift represents a progressive step in celebrating women who balance career excellence with personal growth and social impact.

Ms World is also a networking hub where women from diverse backgrounds can connect, share experiences and foster professional relationships. With the training provided during the pageant’s duration, contestants are challenged to develop their brands and market their ideas further to establish themselves as leaders in their respective fields.

This aspect of Ms World underscores its commitment to empowerment, providing contestants with opportunities for collaboration and mentorship. “Taking part in the pageant is a new step toward building lasting business relationships with the world’s leading countries,” says Gun. “It’s a challenge for stereotypes and a chance to become a forerunner of the ideas that will transform the world.” 

By promoting the idea that beauty and success are interconnected, the pageant sends a powerful message to young women worldwide, encouraging them to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives while maintaining grace and sophistication.


Empowering Leaders for a Greater Cause

In addition to showcasing women’s grit and beauty, Ms World also highlights their philanthropic vision. By donating to a charity fund and supporting organizations providing financial and psychological assistance to women facing hardships, the pageant encourages its finalists to dedicate their time and efforts to helping others, especially those in need.

To materialize this, finalists work closely with organizations that aim to shelter and support struggling women. For Gun, this involvement allows the contestants to gain first-hand experience in community involvement and leadership, setting an example for other young women to follow and inspiring current leaders to fight for more significant causes.

Through its philanthropy and social involvement, Ms World is a pageant about physical beauty, achievements and the beauty that comes from dedicating oneself to helping others. By supporting and promoting this message, the platform shows other pageants that women everywhere can become impactful leaders in their communities and beyond.


About Ms World

Ms World creates a platform for women often overlooked in traditional pageants due to age or career focus. This pageant spotlights the beauty of women, promoting the idea that they can all be queens at any age. “Ms World 2024 knows that there are incredible women in all industries who have their success stories to tell,” shares Gun. “We are the project that can help them realize their potential.”

Ms World 2024’s age categories are Miss, Ms, Mrs and Ms Classic. Miss is for women aged 18 to 24 who have never been married and don’t have children. Ms is for successful unmarried women aged 24 to 44 with or without children, while Mrs is for married women aged 24 to 44. Finally, Ms Classic is for bright and successful women over 45 who have either been married or not.

Each category has its own set of rules, and contestants are evaluated based on their unique qualities, skills and achievements. According to Gun, Ms World has a European charm despite being established on American soil. This leads to its having two crowns available for all aspiring winners—Ms World USA for contestants from the United States and Ms World for European contestants.

Gun shares that the winners of Ms World will receive a grand prize of $25,000, become the official face of the pageant for one year and work with the pageant’s general sponsors to promote their brand through various media outlets. They will also have their poster showcased in Times Square for one month and be featured in the Ms World magazine. A film documentary will also be created to celebrate the winners’ year-round reign as Ms World, narrating their experiences and achievements until it is time for them to hand over the crown to the next holders.

“Ms World opens the door for women to reach their dreams,” claims Gun. “This pageant shows what a woman is: beautiful, successful, a loving mother and wife, an active social figure, a human rights defender, a fighter for equality in the world.”

Ms World 2024 will take place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from August 21-24, 2024. The pageant will also be livestreamed throughout Ms World’s social media platforms. 


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