Featured Story by: Heather Picchiottino

As the music industry makes a powerful post-pandemic comeback with live performances, Picchiottino, the founder of Heather Picchiottino Studios, is reshaping the concept of concert fashion. She has become prominent in fashion styling, combining costume design with technology to build visual stories for contemporary music icons.

With Picchiottino’s extensive experience in spearheading costume designs for A-list celebrities like Katy Perry, P!nk, Dove Cameron, Lil Nas X and many more, she has earned her place as a leader in the industry and proven her skills in crafting memorable costumes.


The Post-Pandemic Resurgence

After more than two years of pandemic restrictions, live entertainment is now allowing audiences to immerse themselves in the vibrant ambience of highly anticipated large-scale tours and live performances.

Concerts have transcended their former status as mere gatherings to become eagerly anticipated spectacles. According to Picchiottino, costume design plays a pivotal role in meeting these heightened expectations. The stylist infuses these spectacles with vibrancy and magic through her meticulous craftsmanship.

“Audiences crave something more profound than mere musical notes; they crave creating memories,” she explains. “My approach to costume design isn’t just about fabric and embellishments; it’s about crafting narratives and bringing fantasies to life.”


Picchiottino’s Artistry in Costume Design

Picchiottino seamlessly combines art and technology. Integrating 3-D printing into costume design has allowed her to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship, resulting in costumes that are not just visually stunning but also structurally intricate.


Lil Nas X, Lollapalooza 2023


Jolin Tsai, Ugly Beauty 2023 concert

“Three-dimensional printing has opened up a world of possibilities,” says Picchiottino. “It’s not just about what the eye sees; it’s about bringing life to the intricate details.”

Picchiottino’s designs are often surrealistic and imaginative. From Jolin Tsai’s gravity-defying headpieces to Lil Nas X’s detailed bodices with intricate 3-D-printed patterns and P!nk’s acrobatic-friendly costumes to Katy Perry’s meticulously designed gown adorned with gigantic embellishments, LED lights and striking colour combinations, her creations bring eccentric visions to life.

“Each costume is a narrative—a story waiting to unfold onstage,” she says. “With my new costume-design methods, I hope to express it more through concert wardrobes.”

Jolin Tsai, Ugly Beauty 2023 concert

P!nk, Summer Carnival 2023


Critics’ Perspective

While Picchiottino’s innovative approach to costume design has garnered her widespread acclaim, critics argue that the emphasis on technology risks overshadowing the traditional craftsmanship that has defined costume design for centuries.

However, Picchiottino sees her use of technology not as a replacement but a powerful tool for creativity and precision. With so many costumes already presented, experimenting with new tools and methods can unlock untapped areas to craft costumes that have never been seen before.


The Value of Costume Design in Live Performances

Costumes are extensions of the artist and the narrative they aim to convey through their music. With Picchiottino’s understanding of the theme that goes into each performance, she crafts her designs as active participants in the performance itself; each piece plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall spectacle.

With live performances again taking centre stage, the future of live-entertainment styling is more extraordinary, illuminating the path to a future where artistry knows no bounds.

“In this new chapter, we can sculpt dreams and set the stage for unforgettable moments,” Picchiottino concludes. “It’s about redefining what’s possible and taking the audience on a journey they’ll never forget.”


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