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“Every piece tells a story, and with customization, that story becomes intimately yours,” says Catherine Klastersky, the founder of Dubai-based jewellery brand Aquae Jewels, on the charm of bespoke jewellery.

It is hard not to be mesmerized by the allure of beautifully handcrafted jewellery that possesses a story meant especially for its wearer. Aquae Jewels takes pride in the detail that goes into its custom jewellery process, which transforms personal tales into exquisite tangible adornments.


Taking Personalized Service Seriously

At Aquae Jewels, creating a personalized piece of jewellery begins with a blank canvas—a simple sketch that captures the client’s vision. From this starting point, every design is meticulously assessed to ensure feasibility and flawless execution.

The process starts with an initial consultation during which the brand’s artisans listen to and understand the client’s desires and stories. From selecting the perfect gold hue to curating exquisite gemstones, each detail is thoughtfully considered, ensuring that the final creation truly reflects the wearer’s individuality.

courtesy of Catherine Klastersky

For Klastersky, this level of collaboration is essential. “We believe in a hands-on approach. Our clients are involved in every step—from choosing the ideal gemstones to witnessing the final setting,” she says. This intimate engagement lets clients experience the creation process first-hand, fostering a deep connection with their bespoke piece.

However, Aquae Jewels is not in the business of making empty promises. “We take feasibility seriously,” Klastersky stresses. “We ensure that the idea can be brought to life and that the sketch truly captures the customer’s expectations.” 

Aquae Jewels’ emphasis on transparency extends to its custom jewellery’s pricing and turnaround times. Klastersky notes that clear communication on costs and delivery schedules is crucial because it builds client trust. This commitment ensures that every customer clearly understands what to expect, cultivating a reliable and trustworthy relationship from the outset.


The Soul of Aquae Jewels’ Craftsmanship

Once the initial discussion is complete and the jewellery design is done, the real magic at Aquae Jewels begins. The next stage represents the metamorphosis from conceptualization to realization, where master artisans bring the envisioned piece to life. Wielding years of experience, these craftsmen painstakingly handcraft each piece, from the delicate placement of gemstones to engraving intricate details.

Despite using advanced technologies like 3-D modelling to refine designs and ensure precision, Aquae Jewels remains grounded in the traditions of fine jewellery craftsmanship. Each production stage is carefully overseen to guarantee that the final jewellery exceeds bespoke luxury standards.

“Whether it is a unique pendant, a name, earrings or custom engraving, we want our customers to fall in love with the design of their piece and have the assurance that it is crafted to the highest standards,” says Klastersky.


The Secret of Successful Bespoke Creations

Klastersky understands that a deeply personal story is behind every custom jewellery request. However, she also recognizes that the process of translating a client’s ideas into a physical form can be delicate and intricate.

To help with this, Aquae Jewels strikes a careful balance between human artistry and the precision of modern technology. Its skilled artisans—true masters of their craft—imbue each piece with the warmth and attention to detail that only the human touch can provide.

Simultaneously, the brand uses state-of-the-art tools such as 3-D modelling and computer-aided design to achieve accuracy in every curve, gemstone setting and engraving. This harmonious fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology allows Aquae Jewels to deliver pieces that meet and even exceed client expectations, capturing their story’s essence with exceptional precision and artistry.

Please visit Aquae Jewels’ website to learn more about its customization process.


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