When it comes to getting wide-eyed, high-drama lashes, we’ll go to great lengths: We’ll buy pricey volumizing mascaras and brow gels, endure lengthy lash-extensions appointments and learn the latest makeup trends to make our eyes look bigger and brighter. But let’s be real—it’s all a lot of work for short-term payoff. And, as with all things beauty, dedicated treatment is always more effective than fleeting fixes.

Enter Lashforever Canada’s Revive7 line: a clinically tested, all-natural collection of potent serums designed to revitalize your lashes and brows. The Canadian brand’s proven formulas begin with a cocktail of 7 ingredients—including essential peptides, vitamins and botanicals—that work together to replenish and restore. Plus, there’s real scientific validation to back it up: Revive7 comes recommended by dermatologists and is registered with Health Canada.

Lacklustre lashes come back to life with Revive7 Lash Serum, Lashforever Canada’s hero product, which it launched almost 10 years ago. Enhanced with optimized protein complexes (think of them as the building blocks of our bodies), this gentle- on-the-eyes treatment targets thin, brittle lashes, repairing damage that’s a side effect of extensions, aging and hormonal changes. The result is a laundry list of lash superlatives: longer, fuller, healthier and strong enough to withstand daily weathering.

The beauty brand’s Revive7 Mascara is also infused with the exclusive formula, making for a double-duty product that nourishes while it wows. And if you’re struggling with sparse brows, there’s the Revive7 Brow Serum, which is amped up with a formula that’s similar to but stronger than the Lash Serum and with a wider applicator to reach every last hair.

By now, you’re probably wondering just how long this lightweight, long-lasting serum takes to work its magic: only seven to 14 days for deep conditioning to really set in (hello, stronger, softer hairs) and 21 to 31 days for full, noticeable results. The before-and-afters are next-level impressive: short, thin, fragile lashes turned into a patently voluminous set, while slight, spare brows—even ones reminiscent of the pencil-thin ’90s trend—are made full, lush and feathery. It’s an eye-catching defined look you have to see to believe.


For more information, visit Revive7Science.com.