Featured Story By : Tom White


Dreaming beyond borders and sweeping the globe, Flower Knows, an avant-garde beauty brand from China, is rapidly making a name for itself internationally. It does so not by emulating popular Western trends but by presenting a wholly original and enchanting perspective on femininity. Driven by the allure of fairy tales and fantasies, the brand is captivating women worldwide, positioning itself as a formidable Chinese contender in the international beauty market.

In 2021, China’s General Administration of Customs reported that the nation’s cosmetics export volume had swelled to a staggering US$4.85 billion. This marks an impressive year-on-year growth of 14.4 percent. Compare this figure to the humble US$2.5 billion in 2018 and US$2.774 billion in 2019 and you can see a real industry evolution. Most of these exporters are young, agile beauty brands founded since 2016, and they are making waves internationally due to their distinctive and appealing product features. One of these rising stars is undoubtedly Flower Knows.

The brand has done more than merely join the global stage. It aims to create it and leave an indelible mark on its audience. Drawing upon the collective nostalgia of our shared childhoods, Flower Knows intertwines its products with the enchantment of fairy tales. It creates aesthetic masterpieces—from unicorn-themed eyeshadow palettes to oriental flower-god lipsticks—that captivate consumers with their delightful blend of magic and charm.

In 2019, Flower Knows bravely ventured into overseas markets, beginning with Japan. Today, its products grace the shelves of nearly a thousand offline stores nationwide. By 2021, it had expanded its horizons further, making its mark in Southeast Asia via popular online platforms such as Shopee and Lazada. A year later, it plunged into the European and American markets, generating a gross merchandise volume of 10 million RMB. This successful expansion was not a happy accident but the fruits of a careful design strategy, localized content and clever adaptation to diverse markets.

The magical world of fairy tales is a universal fascination, and Flower Knows has ingeniously tapped into this shared captivation. The brand’s goal? To heal and delight every customer with its whimsically delightful range of cosmetics. Just take its Strawberry Rococo series, for instance. This range of products, inspired by 18th-century rococo art and sweet strawberries, allows customers to get lost in the fairy-tale world. When they unpack these cosmetics, users are mentally transported to French architecture or Asian art decorations.

This journey, however, hasn’t been without struggles. Flower Knows has faced the challenge of catering to a wide spectrum of makeup preferences and cultural nuances. For instance, while European and American consumers lean toward rich and bold colours, Asian users prefer a more muted, natural look. Navigating these differences requires agility and creativity, but Flower Knows is up for the challenge. The brand continually strives to offer diversified services to different markets while still maintaining its unique aesthetics.

The future of Flower Knows seems radiant. While it’s impossible to predict precisely where its journey will lead it, the brand’s present trajectory is undoubtedly promising. By constantly evolving and reinterpreting the fairy world with a language that resonates with young consumers, Flower Knows is set to keep blossoming in the international beauty world.

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