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Pregnancy is a beautiful and transformative time, but it can also be physically and emotionally challenging for expectant mothers. That’s why more and more women are now prioritizing self-care during their pregnancy to ensure that they have a healthy and happy experience. One popular way to achieve this is through pregnancy retreats, which have become increasingly popular. These retreats offer a chance for mothers-to-be to relax, recharge and connect with themselves and their growing baby.

The Mom’z (Solo) Babymoon is designed for women embarking on the journey of motherhood. The retreat is a unique and empowering experience for future mothers to connect with their baby, body and emotions.

A rewarding experience for mothers

Founder and CEO Shirin Fardi and her team have conducted extensive research by studying over 100 expectant and new mothers. The retreat provides a customized, holistic pregnancy experience for future mothers as they prepare for the lifelong journey of motherhood. The Mom’z retreat is perfect for mothers-to-be who are looking for an opportunity to connect with like-minded women, experience a sense of sisterhood and get more in tune with themselves and their baby.

The comprehensive program is centred on maternal well-being and provides a unique experience that addresses pregnancy’s physical, emotional and mental aspects. The retreat creates an intimate and supportive environment where participants join a small group of other wonderful women, fostering connections and creating a nurturing atmosphere.

The ultimate retreat experience

The five-day (Solo) Babymoon retreat is a comprehensive and supportive program that helps future mothers be better equipped with the necessary knowledge, relaxation techniques and emotional support as they prepare for motherhood. Participants can expect a tailored approach to pregnancy and birth and a smooth transition to being a mother in today’s world.

The mornings begin with gentle and tailored exercises for enhancing physical well-being and promoting better health for the baby. Participants can also enjoy some me time and relaxing moments as well as engage in workshops covering topics such as pregnancy, birth preparation, postpartum care and what to expect within the first few years, which can help them feel more confident and comfortable about the new and life-altering, yet exciting, journey ahead.

The retreat also offers daily guided relaxation exercises and visualizations to help participants find lasting emotional balance and develop a deeper bond with their baby. Creative connections and activities are also included in the agenda, providing participants with opportunities for self-expression, positive memory-making and genuine friendships with like-minded women.

To further alleviate stress and promote relaxation, the retreat offers soothing massages and leisurely downtime to enjoy delightful meals, captivating evenings filled with music and conversation and space for reflection and self-care.

Embracing motherhood with confidence

As a mother herself, Fardi understands the challenges and rewards of pregnancy. She believes that every mother deserves to feel supported and empowered throughout their pregnancy journey. Fardi’s own personal experience served as an inspiration for the creation of Mom’z, with the goal of providing mothers-to-be with a safe and nurturing space to prepare for the journey ahead with love and confidence.

Pregnancy can be a challenging time, but with the right support and care, women can embrace motherhood with confidence and joy. Fardi recognizes the importance of society providing adequate support for mothers during pregnancy and beyond. By doing this, cultures that value the well-being of women and their families can foster a better future for all. Through the Mom’z (Solo) Babymoon retreat, Fardi and her team aim to empower mothers-to-be with knowledge, relaxation techniques and emotional support, helping them confidently welcome motherhood with a transformative experience.

The Mom’z (Solo) Babymoon retreat is a step in the right direction, offering mothers a safe and nurturing space to prepare for the journey ahead with love and confidence.

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