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Lip Mermaid Cosmetics

Giving art shape and form, Erica Taylor founded Lip Mermaid Cosmetics, a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand that encourages unique self-expression through makeup by incorporating customized glitter shapes to add extra glow wherever you go.

Lip Mermaid Cosmetics’ name originates from the product itself; it’s a makeup duo of matte lipgloss and glitter that accentuates the lips while creating a mesmerizing siren look as users can apply the glitter anywhere externally on the face and body. The glitters are safe to use and non-toxic and can be removed easily after use. With a wide array of choices, the shapes and sizes appeal to all customers and can be customized to suit any event or occasion.

Taylor’s journey began when she worked at an artisan candle subscription company selling soy-based goods where she learned the ropes of affiliate marketing and discovered the art of making vegan candles. When the company suddenly closed, she found herself out of work.

Erica Taylor, founder of Lip Mermaid Cosmetics

Leveraging her free time to act on her great love for makeup and music festivals, Taylor started building her own brand. She embarked on a journey to create a name that not only expresses the beauty of makeup but highlights the fun and bubbly sides of it. The idea of creating makeup enhanced by glitter came to fruition as she got inspired by people going to festivals and applying glitter all over their body. However, she soon realized how difficult it is to remove most glitter from the skin.

Determined to build her makeup brand, Taylor spent a year and a half developing her products and thoroughly researching how to make the lipgloss soft and velvety and ensure that the shaped glitters would stick for a long period without being difficult to remove. After a year-long process of developing and testing the products, Lip Mermaid Cosmetics became a reality.

Dedicated to making the brand stand out with positive values and transparency, Taylor developed products with natural ingredients, all listed in plain sight. “One of the things that I want in my brand is to be straightforward with the ingredients being used. I have spent a lot of time combining and testing materials that make the product soft and long-lasting while being safe for the skin,” she shared, noting that most makeup brands list complicated and scientific ingredient names that make it hard for consumers to understand what they’re using.

The customizable shapes and sizes of the glitters are what make the brand unique. Taylor’s love for art and self-expression fuelled their creation; she wanted products that speak for every memorable moment. “The face is like a canvas, and applying makeup and adding a pop of colour and glitters make art come to life,” she says. “It’s a great way of expressing ourselves.”

Makeup artist, Sandra Walter; photography, Carlos Frayre

Taylor had intended to launch Lip Mermaid Cosmetics in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic derailed her plans. She put her product launch on hold and decided to help in her family’s business as a part-time interior designer.

Believing that having a clear vision and being consistent bears results, after the pandemic, Taylor picked up where she left off in 2020. Faced with a lot of hurdles in launching her products, she also had to navigate a four-year trademark battle to get her brand name approved.

“For any aspiring entrepreneur, I believe the most important asset to have is a strong vision,” she shares. “Truly believing in yourself and your vision while staying patient and consistent will exponentially increase the likelihood of your vision manifesting into a reality.”

After finally launching Lip Mermaid Cosmetics in the online and offline marketplace, Taylor was able to build herself back up and make a name for herself in the beauty industry. Lip Mermaid Cosmetics started gaining traction in social media platforms and e-commerce retailers, with a market focused in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Taylor has plans to reach countries in Europe and beyond, such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

She is currently looking for a manufacturer that will help in the production of her makeup products as the demand for them is increasing. She’s expanding Lip Mermaid Cosmetics’ client reach by customizing each glitter design with themes from sports stadium games, theme parks and music festivals. Supporting the company’s mission of being eco-friendly, the products are made with vegan ingredients, and Taylor plans to introduce refillable bottles.

Through this outlet for creativity and self-expression, Taylor has achieved her goal of putting Lip Mermaid Cosmetics on the market for everyone to enjoy. “I’m proud of how far our products have come. Creating a space for people to express their art through our products is what they’re all about,” she says.


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