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In 2024, women are not just participants but pioneers and architects of change across industries. Below, we spotlight some exceptional businesswomen who are driving progress and empowerment, reshaping success and making significant impacts in their fields.


With more than two decades of experience in technology, Reena Merchant is now a user experience director at Google and has held key roles at Sony PlayStation, Citrix & GoToMeeting and BlackBerry. She is helping shape the next generation of UX professionals through her contributions to academia, notably as an advisory board member at the University of California (Irvine). Recognized for her influence, Merchant was a finalist for the 2018 Woman of the Year award by Women in IT Silicon Valley.


Marianne Padjan, a five-time international bestselling author and renowned speaker, has made a name in real estate with eXp Realty. She empowers clients through Mpowered Voice Publishing and her podcast, sharing insights on real-estate transactions and the importance of having a trustworthy agent. Padjan’s innovative approach, fostered by her more than 25 years in sales and entrepreneurship, is punctuated by her commitment to integrity and client care. She is significantly impacting the real-estate industry and beyond. 


Natalie Southgate, the founder of Chakradance, has revolutionized movement therapy. Offering classes at the Deepak Chopra Center, global retreats and Accredited Facilitator training in 70+ countries, she emphasizes healing and empowerment through dance. Her profound message is that power is an inside job; true success comes from discovering and trusting our inner power. Southgate extends her impact to children with Chakradance Kids, promoting well-being across all ages through holistic approaches.


Jet van Wijk, the founder of Laptop Lifestyle Master, has generated over $3 million in sales helping others become successful high-ticket freelancers. She advocates for mental health and ethical marketing, having moved from social media influencer to marketing freelancer. Through her podcast and YouTube channel, van Wijk educates her clients on digital skills, emphasizing their importance for freedom and success. She believes personal freedom is attainable without compromising mental health, making her a force for positive change in entrepreneurship.


Alena Uzhnyeva transformed her corporate career into entrepreneurial success, establishing a thriving business in Estonia and later moving to Bali. Her company, recognized as a Top Estonian Economic Contributor, embodies her philosophy of integrating mind, heart and spirit into business. As the creator of I Am Creation retreats, she passionately unites facilitators for transformative experiences, inspiring entrepreneurs to awaken their inner power so they can make a lasting impact on their lives and the world.


Angelina Lawton, the founder and CEO of Sportsdigita, has been recognized as one of Forbes’ Top 30 Most Powerful Women in Sports. Starting her career with the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, she founded Sportsdigita to enhance sports-team presentations, and it is now being used by more than 500 global brands. A mentor—particularly to women in sports and technology—Lawton is committed to fostering success and inclusion. She shares her insights at colleges, universities and industry events. Proudly associated with WISE TC, Chief and the Female Founders Collective, Lawton dedicates herself to fostering success through shared experiences.


Quantum psychologist and business mentor Stefanie Bruns uses unconventional spiritual methods to guide leaders to success. Her transformative approaches have made her a catalyst for rapid shifts in personal and professional realms as she enhances her clients’ lives and businesses with vibrant transformations. Renowned for catalyzing rapid shifts in energetic fields, Bruns unveils a cosmic journey toward healing, enhancements and vibrant transformations.


Viviana Millan, the CEO of Fajas Tributo, is redefining compression wear with her focus on individual beauty and empowerment. Her innovative products support transformative journeys, reflecting her commitment to kindness, honesty and empowerment in both product development and corporate culture. Fajas Tributo emphasizes research and innovation and is highlighted by Millan’s three patented products. The latest collection, Dark Brown, celebrates dark skin tones, and Millan is currently developing a ready-to-wear line.


Amanda Williams, a life coach and realtor, uses her platform to inspire personal growth and mental transformation. Through her books and speeches, she promotes a mindset strategy that empowers individuals to achieve self-confidence and resilience, fostering positive change and authentic living. Her ultimate goals are to empower people to take control, to promote self-empowerment and to inspire authentic living.


Katrina Syran, a dynamic artist and dedicated humanitarian, is a successful singer, songwriter, actor, author, director and lyricist who passionately advocates for women’s rights. Her single “Intimacy” was UN-nominated for International Women’s Day anthem. Co-author of Breaking the Silence, which has been recognized at events hosted by Angelina Jolie and the UN, Syran celebrates Norway’s literary heritage through roles in Henrik Ibsen’s works. In 2023, she self-produced ELLIDA, a film based on Ibsen’s The Lady From the Sea, globally distributed via Porter+Craig.

These stories of resilience, innovation and impact celebrate the achievements of trail-blazing women and highlight their diverse strengths as they reshape industries and empower communities worldwide. 


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