Featured Story by: Diana Qeblawi

This journey was described as both a geographical excursion and an exploration of her style identity, with particular emphasis placed on the Louis Vuitton Color Blossom long earrings she wore to match her Coussin PM bag.

Qeblawi, a Filipina Arab model and entrepreneur, has contributed to the fashion and beauty industries in the Philippines and the Middle East. Known for her fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics, she has worked with major brands, been featured in reputable fashion magazines and received industry awards.

Italy represented an exploration of culture and self for Qeblawi. “To visit Italy is to engage with [the] rich history of fashion,” she shares. During her visit, she connected with the country’s cultural heritage and particularly identified with Louis Vuitton’s Color Blossom long earrings, which epitomize her journey.

Crafted in pink gold, white mother-of-pearl and diamonds, the earrings symbolize Qeblawi’s personal and professional evolution. They represent a fusion of cultures and encapsulate her Italian journey, reflecting both tradition and innovation.

Each diamond on the earrings represents a metaphorical stepping stone on her journey; each glint is a testament to her tenacity. The iridescent white mother-of-pearl, a material that carries the weight of centuries, has become a poignant reminder of the enduring force of femininity, much like the force of Qeblawi’s influence. The pink gold symbolizes the future: bold, bright and unapologetically unconventional. For Qeblawi, the earrings aren’t just pieces of jewellery; they are fragments of her story etched in precious stones and metal.

Qeblawi’s experiences represent a blend of cultures and visions, much like the symbolism of the Louis Vuitton Color Blossom long earrings. In an industry often dominated by Western voices, Qeblawi’s work signifies a fusion of Eastern and Western perspectives, contributing to a broader global conversation.

Ultimately, Qeblawi’s story goes beyond style and sophistication to encompass determination, resilience and innovation. Her work in the fashion industry represents a disruption of norms and an embrace of heritage, contributing to a new narrative that underscores the individuality and voices of women.

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