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Friendly people and one-in-a-million experiences: That’s the recipe for an unbelievable vacation. Few places on earth do it better than the Caribbean’s Cayman Islands.

The allure of Cayman goes beyond its white-sand beaches, electric-blue ocean and promise of adventure. These elements are worth the price of admission alone, no doubt, but they also serve as a background for something much larger.

This island is home to a wide and eclectic array of businesses, from cuisine to adventure experiences to hospitality. Take, for example, the local fish fry where you can watch fresh snapper being cooked right in front of you. Or the adventurer in you might be drawn to the boat charter that waits on the shore, ready to whisk you away to Stingray City. Or one of the island’s breweries might catch your fancy and draw you in for a refreshing and distinct glass of ale.

Behind each of these activities, there’s a story—an individual spirit that blends into the overarching vibe of this luxurious and cherished travel destination. Monica Walton, journalist, TV host and founder of Vagabond Media Group, continues to seek out and share these stories through her channel, This Is Cayman TV.

The tourism industry in the Cayman Islands is coming off a bounce-back year, which followed the pandemic shutdown. Things are coming back in bloom for Cayman’s most attractive locations, experiences and businesses, and Walton’s This Is Cayman is helping them get there.

“Watching restaurants fill up and knowing that businesses are getting back on their feet gives you a buzz of excitement in your chest,” says Walton. “People want to travel, and they keep choosing Cayman.”

This Is Cayman—which has been a staple on the island for 10 years and counting—plugs tourists into this energy.

“In an entertaining way, we show visitors how to maximize their stay,” says Walton, speaking to the purpose behind her network. “Whether that’s luxury, culinary experiences, uninterrupted family time or unique cultural events, we showcase it in a way that benefits businesses and viewers.”

Walton is native to the island, and she blends a passion for Cayman and love of travel with her deep experience as a journalist, videographer and documentary filmmaker. Once a reporter for CBS affiliate Cayman 27 and a host of a morning show, Walton continues to highlight the stories of the island only now it’s through the lens of travel.

Although she makes it appear so, the road to success hasn’t been easy for Walton, who dedicated years to her craft, mastering all aspects of production and television. “I’ve always had this stubborn drive in me,” she says. “I prioritize my goals because it makes me happy. It absolutely takes sacrifice, but the payoff is worth it.”

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Walton’s priority was building a business based on her passions, and she has succeeded, travelling beyond Cayman and working as a TV host in Europe and for shows in the U.S. as well as working with brands, tourism boards and hotels in the Caribbean.

This Is Cayman captures it all in features that showcase the people behind the most beloved destinations on the island along with the tourists that most appreciate them. Cayman is both home to and frequented by an eclectic mix of people, which makes for fascinating TV.

“Everyone has a story to tell,” says Walton. “You’ll meet many who are drawn to a nomadic or intriguing life and have this sense of adventure that streaks through them. Everywhere you look, there’s an entrepreneur.”

As a skilled videographer and the founder of Vagabond Media Group, Walton is inspired by the awe-inspiring vistas of Cayman as she continues to work hard as a writer, host and producer for the channel.

“There’s always something for us to capture,” she says, “from the stunning beaches to the swaying palm trees to events with beautiful, bright, buzzing colours.”

Underwater scenes of bright fish, aerial footage of the lush island captured by drone and every small detail of the most cherished tourist haunts are all seen through the lens of Walton and her team.

Walton lights up with excitement when asked about what’s going to be featured next on This Is Cayman.

“Cayman continues to attract the discerning traveller: refined tourists looking for world-class experiences,” she says. “We want to celebrate all that Cayman has to offer and show them where to find it.”

As new content for This Is Cayman airs across the island, Walton is looking forward to exciting upcoming videography projects with Vagabond as well as working on other TV and film projects and continuing to enjoy Cayman with her husband and their 14-month-old son.

“Drive around the island,” she says. “Take in all the beautiful sights, engage with the culture, eat local food and speak to the interesting people you see along the way. Indulge in a little luxury if that’s your thing, and then spend the evening watching the sunset on Seven Mile Beach.”

Cayman has experiences for you. Monica Walton of This Is Cayman reveals them.

Learn more about This Is Cayman here.


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