Featured Story By: Anne Schulze

Isn’t it surreal to learn about professionals who, instead of blindly following the paths already trodden by others, pave the way for growth and success all on their own, carving out a unique niche in their chosen field? This is definitely easier said than done, but there are a few rare gems who have accomplished this and stunned everyone—like BBQ chef, author and recipe developer Paula Stachyra.

The much-talked-about media personality and recently signed model/actor is overwhelmed by the response that her first book, Wing Crush: 100 Epic Recipes for Your Grill or Smoker, has received. In the year and a half since its publication, it has done tremendously well on Amazon. A guide for grilling outstanding wings, it features easy instructions and straightforward techniques for every grill and oven to guarantee perfectly cooked wings, which everyone loves to share.

Stachyra (a.k.a. “Queen of the Grill”) is also excited about her second book, The Big Book of Barbecue on Your Pellet Grill: 200 Showstopping Recipes for Sizzling Steaks, Juicy Brisket, Wood-Fired Seafood and More, which will be released in May 2024. It features 200 incredible recipes and includes a section called “Pellet Grilling 101.”

When asked what she loves most about what she does, Stachyra says: “Bringing people together through food and creating memories have always pushed me to do better with my recipes and books. There is no greater feeling than this. I love to grill; it’s my passion and my happy place. It’s a place to forget everything and just make some good damn BBQ.” She hopes to inspire others to get outside and grill more and to create fond memories with family and friends over BBQs.

Stachyra is determined to work toward fulfilling all of her dreams and goals in the coming years. She hopes to have her own line of rubs and sauces, host a cooking show and continue writing books.

Her razor-sharp focus on her goals, commitment to her craft as a recipe developer and BBQ chef and unwavering dedication to keep doing her best have allowed her to succeed in her career. She advises budding authors and chefs to stay committed to their craft and to leave no stone unturned in learning new things and implementing them to improve their work. She also advises rising talents to take risks in their journey so they can see just how far they can go to achieve their goals in life.

Stachyra has been able to attain a prominent status in the industry because of her inspired visions in creating excellent BBQ dishes and developing scrumptious recipes. She stresses that she doesn’t enjoy cooking the same dishes over and over again. Hence, she constantly strives to learn more about grilling, cooking, using unique ingredients and unusual flavour combinations, the science behind food and more. She continually takes risks in the kitchen to make unique dishes and inspire others.

Her delicious recipes have won hearts. Hence, when it comes to grills and BBQs, Stachyra is in a league of her own. And her outstanding writing talent—evidenced by her two books—has made foodies fall even more in love with her recipes.

All of this—and much more—has been instrumental in making Stachyra the eminent media personality she is today, featured in top broadcast networks and magazines. She is also popular on Instagram; her audience eagerly looks forward to her #WingCrushWednesday weekly posts.

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