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Over the past five years, the brand has built a reputation for producing some of the most daring and eye-catching creations, and it has new ones coming up in its 2024 Summer Collection.

Masal started this year with a bold leap in the high-end-fashion arena, debuting an innovative collection at Si SposaItalia Collezioni. It’s bringing in a new and exciting collection of never-before-seen designs in a style that’s referred to in the industry as “a marriage between traditional and modern.”

While bridal fashion currently leans towards modern minimalism, Masal has courageously ventured in the opposite direction. Masal’s ball gowns symbolize timeless allure and a grand spectacle. The labels step into exquisite bridal-gown designs has been defined by innovation within tradition and by making traditional the new sexy. 

Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Turkish craftsmanship, Masal created an array of unprecedented styles and unveiled them at this year’s Milan Bridal Fashion showcase. With aspirations to craft breathtaking visual narratives, the Sydney-based brand is poised for a future that’s grand, bold and remarkable.

Heres a look at a few of the Masal gowns that have caught the attention of brides, bridal boutiques and fashion critics.


Nora has an unforgettable regal style. The strapless gown features an intricate lace design and a skirt with hand-beaded crystals. A bride dressed in Nora is truly a sight to behold. 



Zambak speaks volumes about Masals design philosophy. It features an illusion neckline with beautiful hand-beaded floral patterns on the mesh and a hand-beaded-crystal floral design on the mikado-silk bodice. The floral details on the front continue around the bodice all the way to the see-through buttoned back of the dress with its elegant silk train. 

Masals Zambak is traditional while also being sexy and sophisticated.



Ciara has a captivating A-line design. The crystal-and-pearl-beaded sleeveless bodice brings out the dresssophistication. Adding elegance to it are the layers of fine tulle that drape from the bodice. A bride dressed in Ciara evokes both whimsy and elegance.


Dominating the bridal-fashion scene

Masal is rapidly becoming a standout name in the bridal-fashion industry, making waves with its innovative designs and bold approach. Starting with its participation in the Milan Bridal Fashion Week, Masal is set to make a name for itself worldwide. 

Masal at the Milan 2024 Bridal Fashion Week
Masal at the Milan 2024 Bridal Fashion Week

Masal looks forward to its participating in the prestigious Si Sposaitalia Collezioni this year and to other exciting future endeavours in the fashion world.

Despite its tremendous success, the brand is about more than just expanding its presence. Its team is passionate about empowering brides and seeing them radiate confidence and elegance on their special day thanks to the charm and beauty of a Masal gown.

To view Masals complete bridal collection, please visit masal.com.


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