Featured Story By: Tom White

Wellness trends take on many different shapes year after year. One intriguing pivot point gaining ground is the intersection between aesthetics and aroma, spurring a new trend, particularly among the younger generation. Visionaries on the front lines are Sam and

Lucie Beecham, founders of the innovative aromatherapy brand ripple+. They’ve joined forces with London-based Spanish artist Coco Capitán for a transformative shift in the perception of wellness embodied in their new limited-edition product, LOSER.

“In an era where wellness isn’t merely a trend but a necessity, the pursuit of innovation and depth in our products remains at the forefront,” remarks Sam Beecham, one of the sibling-duo founders behind ripple+. “Our collaboration with Coco Capitán represents a fascinating and unconventional move in this direction.”

The “uncool” collaborative masterpiece

This unlikely alliance between ripple+ and Capitán has given birth to LOSER, a unique aromatic diffuser deliberately designed to contradict traditional notions of “cool.” The venture boldly adopts what has been informally labelled as the “ugliest colour in the world”—Pantone 448 C—along with an unconventional name, striking a dissonant chord in the typically balanced wellness industry. The audacious design from ripple+ draws symbolic inspiration from European regulations and countries such as Belgium, New Zealand, Singapore and Turkey for their tobacco packaging and is an unmistakable jab at unhealthy habits.

While ripple+ has made a name for itself through its plant-based puffs and its commitment to zero nicotine against the rising number of smokers in the U.K., Capitán’s artistic prowess lends a transformative edge to the brand. Renowned for her eclectic exploration across diverse media, Capitán brings an aesthetic that’s as distinct as it is provocative.

Exploring aromatherapy in a new light

The collaboration illuminates the harmonious relationship between sensory perception and aesthetics, creating a unique fusion of art and aromatherapy. It lures users on a sensory expedition, weaving a wellness narrative that transcends time-worn, traditional methods.

“Aromatherapy is about more than just inhaling pleasant scents,” Capitán explains. “It’s a comprehensive experience affecting your mood, your environment and, ultimately, your well-being.”

The convergence of artistic expression and aroma cultivates a layered sensory experience that also exists in other ripple+ products. Among the brand’s current line of nicotine-free pods is RELAX, which delivers a dreamy jasmine aroma. Another is the fan-favourite DREAM, which contains a tranquil lavender aroma infused with sleep-promoting jujube seed and relaxing valerian flower. As for LOSER’s rich old-mahogany aroma, it’s an imagination of visual discomfort, like an apartment full of mahogany furniture. What sounds contradictory to some is an intention to invite traditional cigarette smokers to make the nicotine-free switch. In taking on a unique partnership with a thought-provoking artist, ripple+ allows users to immerse themselves in exploring sight, texture and smell, creating an encompassing wellness journey.

A harmonious fusion of an artistic vision

Capitán’s artistry draws from a rich tapestry of influences, spanning Francis Bacon’s raw visuals to Fran Lebowitz’s satirical monologues. She brings an eclectic fusion to her creations that aligns with ripple+’s ethos, establishing a harmony between the boundary-pushing wellness brand and the versatile artist. “My art reflects life and all its eccentricities. Collaborating with ripple+ has given [me] the platform to transform these eccentricities into a sensorial narrative,” she says.

As the wellness industry propels into a future where the unconventional becomes the new normal, the collaboration between ripple+ and Capitán stands as an innovator. It challenges our notions of wellness and beauty by juxtaposing aesthetic displeasure with aromatic delight. “LOSER is more than just a product,” Capitán concludes. “It’s a statement—an invitation to explore the uncharted.”

In unveiling the fusion of art and aromatherapy, ripple+ continues to disrupt the wellness market, sparking curiosity about what comes next for the brand. Much like LOSER itself, the ripple+ and Coco Capitán collaboration is a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries and a challenge to conventional wisdom, prompting everyone to reimagine how wellness can continue to evolve.

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