Feature story by : Jon Stojan


We’re on a journey through the Mediterranean, the sea that connects Italy and Spain, which, despite being different lands, remain close in terms of artistic heritage and beauty. Italian model Alessia Tresoldi, also known as Alefe24, is the protagonist of this journey—in collaboration with the Sinsay brand. We travel from Italy to Spain’s Balearic Islands, among waters populated by mermaids and hidden treasures and amid colours that make us want to dress (or undress) in complete freedom.

Long hair that moves freely in the wind represents the romantic and magical spirit of Ibiza. Alessia Tresoldi is wearing an aqua faux-leather dress that channels glam rock but features pastel colours that intertwine with the landscape, demonstrating the island’s strong connection to its waters and to music. Ibiza has a unique, confident and sunny personality that embodies a sincere beauty in harmony with time and the beloved Mediterranean.

At 24 years old, Alessia Tresoldi is a model, influencer and actor, among other things. She’s a free and overwhelming spirit who exemplifies the characteristics of the Libra sign; it’s one of the most elegant and refined signs in the zodiac, equipped with adaptability and empathy. Alessia Tresoldi has never stopped enchanting. At the latest Venice Film Festival, in a spectacular dress for the red carpet, she confirmed herself as a Mediterranean beauty. Born in Bergamo, Italy, on September 24, 1998, she debuted in fashion at a very young age and continued to pursue her passion by working and modelling for prestigious brands. Alefe24 has almost one million followers on Instagram and recently wrote a fantasy book for teenagers, Hell figlia di Lilith.

Through the creation of augmented-reality filters, collaborations with international brands and the 2021 film Reverse, Alessia Tresoldi is becoming an increasingly international face. And her colour makes her one of the most sought-after Mediterranean beauties of the moment.

An Iconic Gucci Bag Completes the Ibiza Look

A series of photographs reveals all the details of this outfit. Attention is certainly captured by the choice of colours, from the aqua-hued Sinsay dress to the iconic blue-velvet Gucci GG Marmont bag to the inevitable white platform boots, which we love. White and blue are the winners in spring/summer 2023 collections.

Aqua faux-leather minidress, Sinsay ($22)
Light-blue blazer with pockets, Sinsay ($26)
Blue-velvet GG Marmont bag, Gucci ($ 2511)
White platform boots, Even&Odd by Zalando ($107)
Heart-shaped sunglasses, Sinsay ($7)


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