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If you’re feeling out of balance, these 10 brands can help you nourish your mind, body and spirit and help you grow into the very best version of yourself.

Elevate Your Mind

Your brain is the control centre for your body. Healthy brain function contributes to energy levels, athletic performance, focus levels at work and so much more. Adding these products to your daily routine can help you boost your brain function, ease your anxiety and calm your mind when it’s time to rest.

Calm Racing Thoughts With Help From Blue Forest Farms

Experiencing regular stress can make every day a challenge. When your thoughts get out of control, focusing on work or family can be difficult. And if you experience racing thoughts in the evening, falling asleep easily and getting the rest you need may be tricky. If you’re stressed out, CBD products from Blue Forest Farms can help you find relief.

Studies show that CBD treatments can help calm racing thoughts and relieve stress. One 2021 study took neuroimages of patients who had taken CBD and monitored their brain activity. They showed that CBD significantly alters connectivity patterns within the brains of healthy people and those with psychiatric disorders like anxiety.

While CBD is derived from the hemp plant (the same plant as marijuana), it has low to no levels of THC—meaning that you won’t feel the psychotropic effects associated with “getting high.” Blue Forest Farms has many CBD products, including flower, tinctures, chocolate bars and topical lotions. Choose one of its blends for relaxation, calm or sleep to help relieve your symptoms and slow down your mind.

Melt Daily Stressors Away With Good Essential

Another way to help soothe an anxious mind for better sleep is to indulge your sense of smell. Use essential oil sets from Good Essential to diffuse soothing scents throughout your home and help you relax after a long day.

Fill your space with the fragrance of fresh-cut lilacs, gardenias and jasmine. Bring the scents of a spring garden into your living room with Good Essential’s Garden Paradise set of six essential oils. If you struggle to fall and stay asleep, try adding some lavender oil to your pillowcase.

You can also use these oils to make homemade lotions and candles. Have a craft day with some friends and add essential oils to melted wax to create candles for one another as gifts. Take some time to slow down with those you love and make something that can help ease your stress.

Train Your Brain With Fun Games on Lumosity

Do you find that you need help to focus at work? Is your mind constantly wandering? You may need to add brain exercises to your daily routine to improve focus and memory. Don’t worry! Brain exercises don’t have to be boring. In fact, they can be fun games you play on your phone for a few minutes every morning or afternoon.

Lumosity is a brain-training app designed by neuroscientists to help you enhance cognitive skills like focus, memory, problem-solving and processing speed. Its fun and tailored in-app games target the specific brain skills you want to improve, and you’ll get actionable feedback on your cognition levels.

No more letting your mind wander during long meetings. Lumosity boosts your focus with just 15 minutes a day spent playing engaging games on your phone. Over time, the games will become more challenging while you continue to strengthen your brain’s function.

Elevate Your Body

Have you ever heard the saying “Your body is a temple”? You want to look and feel good in your body. The sacred space you inhabit allows you to interact with the world around you. These products can help you feel fantastic in your own skin.

Support Your Joints With Incrediwear

If you have a sports injury like tennis elbow, routine everyday tasks can be challenging. Playing the sport you love and getting the exercise your body needs can become downright impossible. Don’t just power through it! Get elbow sleeves from Incrediwear to promote relief and active recovery.

Incrediwear’s compression elbow support sleeves are thin and flexible. They won’t limit your range of motion during activity, and they allow you to perform at your best without pain. Each elbow support sleeve is embedded with a semiconductor that releases negative ions into the body through the skin to promote healing and active recovery.

The compression sleeve will boost blood flow and support lymphatic drainage even after your workout. It speeds up your body’s natural healing process while providing the support you need to get through a challenging workout.

Smell Fresh Anywhere You Go With Snif

The human body is incredible. It can do amazing things like run marathons, birth children and perform elaborate dance combinations. However, physical activity does not always leave you smelling your best. Body odour is one of the unpleasant side effects of the human condition.

Find a signature scent from Snif’s extensive collection of fragrances to stay smelling your best. Try Tart Deco, Snif’s limited-edition cherry perfume. The company will send you 30 millilitres of your chosen fragrance, along with a free two-millilitre trial bottle. If the scent isn’t for you, simply send it back using a convenient return label and Snif won’t charge your account.

Snif makes it easy to find a signature scent. The limited-edition Tart Deco contains a mix of bright cherry, sultry jasmine, vetiver and a touch of vanilla; you’ll smell good enough to eat.

Go With the Flow With Squatty Potty

Another unpleasant side effect of existing in a human body is relieving yourself in the bathroom. No one likes talking about number twos, but many people struggle to have regular bowel movements. If you find yourself constipated or straining whenever you sit on the toilet, there may be a simple solution to help make your trips to the bathroom a little easier.

A Japanese study in 2010 found that squatting can make it easier to do a number two without straining. This checks out, considering that our ancestors probably squatted behind a tree in the forest whenever they had to go. Today, we generally take advantage of modern plumbing and relieve ourselves on a toilet (unless we’re camping, of course).

A Squatty Potty can get your body into that ideal position, even when you’re seated on a toilet. It gives your feet a step up and lets you get into a squatting position with your knees above your hips. Now you can relieve yourself with less strain without squatting behind a tree in the woods.

Take Care of Your Dog With A Pup Above

You put in the effort to take care of your body. You think about your diet and eat wholesome foods to give you energy. But what about your pet? Your canine companion deserves the same level of care that you give to your own body. Rather than feeding your dog kibble made from questionable ingredients, give them nutritious human-grade dog food from A Pup Above.

A Pup Above uses a unique process to dry out fresh whole foods, making feeding your dog a high-quality diet more accessible. The products are made from farm-fresh ingredients. Indulge your pup with delicious options like Turkey Pilaf and Porky’s Porchetta. If you’re curious about where the food is sourced, scan the code on the back of the package for all the details.

Feed your dog the very best! Human-grade dog food can help improve your pet’s digestion and increase their lifespan. A Pup Above is more affordable than other air-dried pet food alternatives while still providing you with the convenience of dry food.

Elevate Your Spirit

The human spirit is more difficult to define than the body or the mind. Spirit is intangible, but it makes us who we are as individuals. Connecting with yourself and others spiritually is essential for the human journey.

Find a Thriving Network of Women With 10PM Curfew

You need to surround yourself with like-minded individuals and create a sense of community for your spirit to thrive. Joy comes from connections with others. Becoming your best self will be challenging if you feel alone in the world.

Find your tribe by connecting with women who are going through the same things as you in their lives and careers on social media. Through the power of the internet, you can connect with people from around the globe who are facing the same challenges. 10PM Curfew can help you connect with other brands and content creators just like you.

10PM Curfew is the largest publisher of female lifestyle social content. Working with 10PM Curfew can help you reach brands with missions that align with your core values as a content creator.

Plus, you’ll meet other female creators like you who are looking to engage their audience authentically. Even though you meet online, you will have the opportunity to make friends you might keep for the rest of your life.

Escape the Ordinary With Captain Experiences

Is the stress of the mundane getting you down? Are you tired of doing the same things day in and day out? Your spirit may be desperate for a change of scenery. Now and then, you need to escape the ordinary to recharge your spirit and fill your cup.

Head out to sea on one of Captain Experiences’ Galveston fishing charters. These unique fishing expeditions include half- or full-day adventures that you and your family or friends will surely enjoy. Take a boat offshore into the Gulf of Mexico to catch big fish like yellowfin tuna, red snapper or maybe even an elusive blue marlin. You’ll make unforgettable memories together at sea.

Taking a vacation can be a wonderful way to reconnect with family or friends. Get out in nature and take the time to experience the people around you. Unlike typical evenings spent at home or hours spent in the office, getting away can provide the change of scenery necessary for you to see the people in your life in a new light.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Johnny Was

Our outward appearance can affect our spirit in our everyday life. If you’re wearing clothes that no longer complement the person you’ve grown into, you may feel a disconnect between how people see you and how you see yourself. You should own how you look every day when you leave the house and set out into the world.

Clothing is the creative outlet through which you share who you are with those around you, so you need to wear clothes that help you feel like the most authentic version of yourself. You may feel constrained in a traditional suit if you’re a free spirit. Upgrade your wardrobe with chic boho clothing from Johnny Was and indulge the free spirit at the heart of who you are.

Johnny Was has an array of stylish blouses, scarves, skirts and bathing suits to let your hippie spirit fly free. A signature piece from its extensive collection, like one of its silky kimonos, can turn a traditional look like jeans and a white T-shirt into a bohemian ensemble.

Live Your Life on Your Own Terms

Using these 10 products is only the beginning of elevating your life. Decide which area of your life you wish to improve first—body, mind or spirit—and start there. Take things one day at a time. Boost your focus, indulge your spirit and connect with yourself and those around you in a new and exciting way.

You deserve to reach the next level and manifest your every dream. This life is yours and yours alone; live it on your own terms.


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