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Sometimes a few exceptional talents emerge and take the industry by storm. However, it’s rare to see professionals with equally great skills in both art and fashion. One such rare talent is artist, model and businessman Peter Shoukry, who is also called the “New Age Renaissance Man.”

Egyptian-born artist Shoukry was always fascinated by art while growing up. His experiences contributed to his natural aptitude and passion for excelling simultaneously in art and modelling with panache. His paintings have been displayed in international art galleries and museums, and Shoukry has also walked the runway in fashion shows nationwide, including Armani, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss.

In the sphere of art, Shoukry has exhibited his paintings in Toronto’s Museum of Contemporary Art and sold pieces of work internationally to private collectors. He has also had many solo exhibitions at art galleries around the world.

Shoukry is currently working on a new book, titled Look Behind the 5th Canvas. It’s about a journey of self-healing and finding happiness through a five-series art manifesto. The five-chapter novel starts with “Unspoken,” followed by “Spoken,” “Broken,” “Woken” and “Open.”

This is Shoukry’s second book; his first was a poetry and art book titled Broken Polaroid Poems. Shoukry has created quite a following through his modern abstract writing style, which encourages readers to use their imagination alongside the artist in a ride of consciousness.

In a world where art and modelling are often repetitive, Peter Shoukry keeps contributing in his own unique ways, making his works experiential and memorable for the audience.


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