Featured Story by: Jules Bower

Ami and Bobby’s union on the shimmering shores of Italy’s Lake Como, captured through the magical lens of Jules Bower, redefined what it means to say “I do” in the modern age. Bower is known for his avant-garde approach to wedding photography, and he wove a narrative around Ami and Bobby that transcended conventional bridal storytelling.

Blending Grandeur With Personal Touches

Bower says the union he witnessed was more than just a wedding; it was a deeply poetic affair. He captured an event that epitomized a modern elopement—intimate yet grand, traditional yet unconventional. Ami and Bobby’s dream of luxury and exclusivity became a reality at Lake Como’s Villa Balbiano, a venue teeming with elegance, romance, history, art, culture and natural beauty.

The couple’s story began with online dating. However, it wasn’t algorithms or matchmaking metrics that brought them together but a shared love for pizza and Italian food. Ami, a global citizen originally from Japan, and Bobby, rooted in the East Coast of the United States, found an uncommon chemistry. Despite their diverse backgrounds, the couple understood each other profoundly, laying the foundation for a lifelong partnership. Their choice of Italy as a wedding destination paid homage to the cuisine that sparked their romance.

Embracing Change and Love in Uncertain Times

After COVID-19 disrupted their wedding plans three times, the couple decided to adapt. Elopement became a viable option and an intimate alternative that honoured their original vision. Thanks to Italy Elope, every single aspect of their celebration was perfectly curated, from the first look to the celebrant-led vows, boat rides and cake cutting.

In their search for the perfect venue, Ami and Bobby considered multiple locations across the globe before settling on Villa Balbiano on Lake Como, which offers the right mix of drama and intimacy set against a backdrop of natural beauty. Known for its appearances in Hollywood films like House of Gucci, Villa Balbiano is more than just a cinematic setting; each room in the villa serves as a curated gallery featuring unique artwork from around the world.

Uniting Talents for an Elopement Beyond Borders

To make this extraordinary event possible, Ami and Bobby collaborated with a stellar team of professionals who contributed their expertise and passion. Just like in a well-orchestrated symphony, every element had to be perfect. It was challenging yet ultimately rewarding for the couple.

Bower considers Ami and Bobby’s wedding a defining example of his work. Through his lens, the photographer of Italy Elope showcased his ability to weave diverse threads into a coherent, stunning narrative. His goal was not to simply take photos but to craft a tale as unique as the couple’s love story. It was a milestone on a journey that began in two separate corners of the world and found a meeting point in love, respect and a mutual appreciation for the finer things in life. Indeed, it was a wedding that transcended time and became a benchmark for modern elopements.


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