1.You’re going for dinner to your best friend’s house. Her fiancé has invited his colleague to the evening. After having exchanged a few words with this handsome dinner guest, you learn that he is a long time bachelor and has no children. What goes through your mind?

a) Here’s is a guy who lives his life as he sees fit and who isn’t desperate to get into a relationship at any cost. No girlfriend? The coast is clear!
b) Charming, but long-time single… something must be up! Its time to put on my detective hat and find the skeletons in his well-dressed closet.
c) He’s just a really mature guy who prefers to wait until he finds the right girl to settle down with. There’s nothing wrong with waiting for The One, and for all he knows, he just found her!

2. You’re sitting at your local coffee shop, sipping on a latte, and reading “Pride and Prejudice.” A guy walks up to you, fascinated by your choice of literature. You think to yourself:

a) It’s not every day that a guy comes up to you and wants to start a smart conversation! You invite him over to chat about your favourite books.
b) Here’s a guy with confidence! You flirt with him and up the game by inviting him to grab a drink at the bar next door.
c) Oh no! You were enjoying your all-too-rare moment of peace and quiet with your favourite book. Can’t a girl get a bit of alone time?

3. You’ve just finished a wonderful dinner in the company of a tall, dark and handsome gentleman that you’ve been flirting with for several weeks on an online dating site. He invites you to continue the evening at his place to sample an Italian wine he just brought back from Naples and show you his first-rate jazz record collection.

a) 10 PM already? While you are tempted by the offer, you’ve already promised your BFF you’d meet her for karaoke night. You take down his number and whisper in his ear that you’ve always found jazz to be incredibly sensual.
b) Time flies when you’re having a good time. You accept his invitation, as what better way to learn about your suitor than seeing him at home in his own element?
c) You’re not a “Back to his place after the first date” kind of girl. You say that you prefer Blues and offer to go to a local Blues pub instead. If he really wants to be with you, he’ll make the effort to accommodate your plans!

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4. When you think about marriage, you think:

a) Kind of old fashioned. The words “For better or for worse” evoke a certain anxiety in you: love shouldn’t be a contract. Nonetheless, a sizeable diamond on a ring finger never hurt anybody.
b) It’s a true commitment to each other and also a great occasion to share your happiness with your friends and family.
c) A great idea, eventually, but no rush. After all, the best things are worth waiting for, right?

5. You’re in line at the grocery store and overhear a conversation between two women. One of them is explaining how her fiancé proposed: he got down one knee and sung a heartfelt ballad at the office in front of all of her co-workers. You think to yourself:

a) That’s quite a proposal! Clearly he’s a guy with guts and imagination and not afraid to put himself on the line.
b) You think how lucky she is to be with a man who isn’t afraid of romantic gestures. You’ve always wanted to be the heroine of a Danielle Steele novel!
c) Sure, it’s a grand gesture, but the odds are this will probably end in a bitter divorce.

6. Your best friend calls you on the phone crying: her boyfriend just admitted that he cheated on her with a colleague. He regrets it, however, and swears that he loves her more than words can say. She asks for your advice:

a) You tell her to pack her bags as fast as she can and crash at your place. You’ll hit the bars together and reintroduce her to the single life.
b) You empathize with her, but remind her that an error confessed is half forgiven. Isn’t honesty and communication a key part of any relationship?
c) You’re not surprised. You try to delicately explain to her your theory about how humans weren’t meant to be monogamous, and that the faithful male is an endangered species.

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7. The couple life is:

a) Pretty sweet, when you’ve found the right partner. It is important to keep in mind that not everything should be shared, in order not to feel trapped like you would in a Christian Louboutin pump that you bought in a size too small.
b) A good bet. With a healthy dose of communication and compromise, partnership has a great shot at Happily Ever After.
c) A great adventure, but tends to get complicated. You’ve learned the hard way that it’s better to be happy alone than miserable together.

8. Your therapist asks you where you see yourself in five years. The first thing that comes to your mind is:

a) Jeez! You don’t even know about next month, much less in five years. Probably on a hot date with a handsome gentleman in the hippest restaurant in town.
b) You’ll be married, living in a big house with a white picket fence and at least one child on the way.
c) You’ll be the boss of your current firm, earning enough to buy your own home. And you’ll have done it on your own without needing anyone’s help.

9. You are a month post-break up. For weeks before, he had been distant, blaming it on a need to “focus on his career “

a) I’m over it, already! Time to hit the dance floor and get your flirt on. After all, it wasn’t meant to be, and there is no shortage of fish in the sea.
b) Still upset, and some days are harder than others. But you comfort yourself by saying there’s someone out there better for both of you. Since you can’t be together, you might as well still be friends, since you broke up on good terms.
c) Still bitter and with the taste of betrayal fresh in the back of your mouth. You can’t get over how little effort he put into saving the relationship. For his own sake, the next guy better put it all on the table.

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10. Fill in the blanks: It makes you happy to daydream about ___________.

a) That new, ultra-sexy dress that you’ve been eyeing for weeks. With that outfit, you’ll turn heads at the next happy hour with girlfriends.
b) The romantic evenings to come with your future Romeo. What could be better than watching a movie in his arms, resting your head on his shoulder?
c) Your newest flame, who has planned a nice hike to get to know you better, followed by his homemade risotto and one of his signature foot massages.

11. Most of your girlfriends are settled down and becoming Moms. You are:

a) Happy to play the role of generous godmother, but inside you pity them for not having the freedom to sleep in in the mornings and think nostalgically about the nights where you and your friends would paint the town red.
b) A little bit jealous. Nonetheless, you are fully concentrated on meeting the right guy and are following to a T the instructions laid out for you in “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars.”
c) Very happy for them, but you’ll think twice before having a child with your next partner. You wouldn’t want to risk being a single parent.

12. It is your sister-in-law’s birthday. She introduces you to her best friend, a forty-two year old divorced, head of a high-end clothing company. You ask her what is her secret to looking so fabulous. She tells you that her young lover that she met in Mexico has been a veritable fountain of youth. In your mind she is:

a) A wonderful woman whose confidence must surely intimidate men. While she’s waiting for her Mister Right, she’s entitled to find happiness in any way she can.
b) Slightly pathetic. You promise yourself you’ll do more good deeds to boost your “love karma,” increasing the odds of never ending up like her.
c) Someone who has certainly had her heart broken and now prefers not to get emotionally involved for fear of getting hurt. You admire her strong character and her business savvy.

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If you answered mostly A, you are a single girl who lives mostly without worry! Like Paris Hilton, you are in “shopping” mode. You are happily living the single life, testing the waters until you find your Romeo. You aren’t afraid to fly solo, and even enjoy the alone time. Like the blonde heiress, if you follow the tabloids, you like clubbing until the wee hours of the morning, dinners in fancy restaurants, as well as vacations to the hippest of resorts. Ideal settings for impromptu encounters. Your motto is “Life is short, so better to enjoy now before you’re tied down by a ring on your finger”

If you answered mostly B, you are a hopeless romantic single girl! Like Jennifer Aniston, you are determined to find your soul mate, the man who will have the keys to your happiness. You are open to meeting new people, and when it clicks, you don’t hesitate to give it a try. Like the Friends star, you crave stability and foster a deep desire to start a family. While waiting for Prince Charming, you know how to take care of yourself, and enjoy girl nights out while doing Yoga and swimming laps to maintain your fabulous figure. Hopelessly romantic, you are convinced that someone out there is dreaming of a girl like you.

If you answered mostly C, you are a veteran, single gal! Like Sandra Bullock, you are the kind of girl who, after a breakup, prefers to turn her back on love. Your fairy tale did not end as planned, and your ex has already replaced you. Disillusioned, you are distrustful of men, and scared of getting emotionally involved. Your suitor will have to be very patient to touch your heart, as it is under lock and key. Like the smoky brunette, you are in your rebuilding phase. A new relationship? There’s no rush. And if someone seems in to you, you’ll be sure to take the time to know them inside and out before taking another chance at love.

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