I first met Marie-Michèle just as I was healing from a painful breakup that had overwhelmed me for nearly two years. The pieces of my heart finally on the mend, I was gradually regaining my confidence (not exactly navigating the world with a spring in my step, but definitely treading more lightly). Marie-Michèle entered my life at breakneck speed, first as a colleague, then as a cherished friend, with her wild staccato laugh, blond, sun-bleached hair, natural kindness and ocean-blue eyes that I could swim in all day. I think it would be an understatement to say I immediately was drawn to her.

I discovered a person who was not only exceptional in her own right, but also brought out the best in me. Just by being close to her, she made me feel good about myself, made me funnier, more beautiful, more engaging. I wanted to make plans for the future and share experiences with her—and only her. It took me almost four years before I realized that I was deeply, intensely and completely in love with her. And, thankfully, she, with me. Before Marie-Michèle, I had almost exclusively dated men, all of whom I found hard, closed off and difficult to live with. Marie-Michèle, on the other hand, blew into my life like a soft summer breeze—welcoming, lovely and light. By her side, my days were peaceful but exciting, and my happiness serene but full.

When we finally made room for our love story, everything went pretty fast. Right from the first days of our relationship, we did not let go. After a few months of dating, she proposed to me, one fall evening, while we were at home watching an old (very bad) movie. I said no, for the sake of form—it was too early, wasn’t it? Too fast, too impulsive? What were our parents, our friends, going to think? I regretted saying it immediately.

I should have followed my heart, not my head. Months later while on vacation, intoxicated by cheap champagne and our ever-growing passion, I asked her if she had brought the custom-made engagement ring with her. She said yes. “Offer it to me again, please,” I told her. When she handed it to me this time, her hands trembling, I saw a whole world of magic and love in the little box—and in her eyes. “Yes. A thousand times yes!” And to this day, it is without a doubt the best decision I ever made.

When Tiffany & Co. offered to tell our story and let us pose with our favourite jewellery, we immediately said yes. Not only are we big fans of the famous jewellery house that is constantly reinventing itself and challenging our vision of love, we also had a lot of fun selecting our favourite pieces—and dreaming of what we’d want to wear to our upcoming November wedding. And what better piece than the Tiffany Lock, which for us represents the beginning of a new, exciting chapter in our relationship. Here are our picks.

For Marie-Michèle 

“If I had this solid-gold bracelet, which I can literally lock on my wrist so as not to lose it, I would never take it off! It’s spectacular in every way.”The Tiffany Lock 18K bracelet, from Tiffany & Co.

Price: $8,550


For Joanie

“In all my life, I have never seen more chic earrings! I can see myself wearing them for our intimate wedding, with a simple, understated dress—so classic!”Tiffany & Co.’s Tiffany Victoria Platinum Diamond Vine Earrings

Price: $51,000


For Both

“To wear with jeans and a T-shirt combo or a glamorous evening dress, this unisex, versatile bracelet is inclusive (it comes in different sizes), beautiful and timeless.”The Tiffany Lock 18K bracelet, from Tiffany & Co.

Price: $8,550.