The New Year’s resolutions the ELLE Canada team actually plan to keep

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New year, fresh start.

  • 1/12
    Ciara Rickard, production editor
  • 2/12
    Sarah Laing, culture editor
  • 3/12
    Brittany Eccles, art director
  • 4/12
    Victoria DiPlacido, associate beauty editor
  • 5/12
    Danielle Campbell, designer
  • 6/12
    Vanessa Craft, editor-in-chief
  • 7/12
    Brian Fleming, associate art director
  • 8/12
    Carli Whitwell, special projects editor
  • 9/12
    Marjorie Dunham-Landry, copy editor
  • 10/12
    Liz Guber, associate fashion editor
  • 11/12
    Elaine Jyll Regio, market editor
  • 12/12
    Katherine Flemming, health & beauty editor
Categories: Life and Love

The New Year’s resolutions the ELLE Canada team actually plan to keep

Dec 12 2016 by
Categories : Life and Love

“I pledge to start doing something I haven’t done in almost a decade: actually print photos rather than leaving them to languish in my ‘cloud.’ Photo albums are the next step…maybe in 2020.” — Ciara Rickard


“I have approximately 256 pairs of black tights, and I’m resolved to finally winnow out the roughly 243 pairs that have holes and ladders in them.” — Sarah Laing


“I’m going to Do something different every day! For me, 2017 is all about busting out of my routine and comfort zone. New foods, new music, new experiences. Anything goes!” — Brittany Eccles


“This is the year I resolve not to have resolutions. Take that, January — you aren’t the boss of me!” — Brian fleming


“Read one non-work-related novel a month. Shouldn’t be too difficult to commit to: I plan on mining the culture editor’s desk for the latest and greatest. (Hi, Sarah!)” — Victoria DiPlacido


“Norway: I’ll believe it when I see it. Each week of 2017, I’ll be setting aside money in a designated travel jar (decorated with images of fjords, of course) so I can one day make a dream a reality.” – Danielle Campbell


“I’m removing myself from the Netflix narrative. I will never have the 200+ hours to get through all the shows everyone is talking about, and I refuse to feel guilty.” — Vanessa Craft


“I live in Chelsea boots and Supergas. But since stilettos are making a comeback, my pledge is to wear heels to the office at least twice a week. Dream shoe: the Saint Laurent ‘YSL’ ankle-strap heels from the spring/summer 2017 runway.” — Carli Whitwell


“Last year, I went on a four-month shopping ban starting January 1. I’m still considering whether to make it an annual shopping cleanse, but I do resolve to only buy second-hand and vintage in 2017. I may be shopping, but at least I’m recycling.” — Liz Guber


“Too much of my income is spent on eating out. I plan on making a big, healthy meal every Sunday to last me through the week.” — Elaine Jyll Regio


“Embracing a more relaxed, thoughtful mentality is always my MO, but I plan to amp it up this year, riding the fumes of inspiration from the high priestess of Zen, Mimi Thorisson.” — Katherine Flemming


“No more procrastinating: 2017 is the year I’m finally going to be a blood donor.” — Marjorie Dunham-Landry

Categories: Life and Love