It’s the weekend and you’re dateless — again. Your couple friends are busy doing the dinner-thing, the movie-thing or the “We’re just going to have a quiet night in”-thing so, here you are. But, instead of getting down with a pint of Hagan Daas, why not venture out on the town solo? Josey Vogels, Sex and Relationships columnist and author of Bedside Manners: Sex Etiquette Made Easy believes there is great benefit to being single. “Remember that one day you’ll be looking back fondly on all the times you were able to chill in your own space, doing what you wanted, when you wanted,” she says. “Those days could be gone soon so enjoy them while they last.”

In fact, there’s more interesting things to do as a single than you might imagine.
Consider using your down time to learn more about the things that interest you.
Here, we list some of our favourite activities perfect for making it on your own!

• Many local universities and colleges offer non-credit lectures on the weekends. Why not attend a guest lecture by someone like Jane Goodall, Primatologist and Anthropologist? She spent most of her Saturday nights in Tanzania studying the social habits of Chimpanzees, so, really, you could learn a thing or two from someone like her.

• Ok, so hanging at the local bookstore may not necessarily scream “party-time” but it is a great place to unwind at the end of the week. Many neighbourhood spots have adjacent coffee shops so pull out a few top-sellers and give Oprah a run for her money. Plus, no one will notice if you have that extra cookie.

• Have you ever been into your local bar? These are the places that are cozy, inviting and the furthest thing from a meat market. The locals shun the club scenesters and welcome a friendly face. Grab a cocktail and get to know a few patrons you’d never normally make an acquaintance with or just sit back and people-watch. It’s an interesting and energetic environment without the crowds, cover charges and cheap one-liners.

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• Instead of grooving to your favourite tunes in your living room, go see a live band. Typical venues have huge audiences so it’s easy for you to blend in or, better yet, pull a Kate Hudson from Almost Famous and flirt with the roadies! If you brought a date to the show, you wouldn’t be able to talk to him anyway, right?

• It might seem intimidating at first go, but try eating at a restaurant by yourself. Fear is worse than the event itself so go to a place you’ve been dying to try, grab a book or magazine and ask for a table for one. Enjoy the food and take in the ambience without distraction. You’ll feel proud of yourself for doing it.

• Say ciao to pizza delivery and try your hand at cooking a recipe you’ve always been too intimidated to attempt. Grab a bottle of your favourite wine
(some for the recipe, most for yourself), crank your iPod’s guilty secret playlist and get down to it. End up burning the whole meal? Who cares!

When Sunday finally rolls around you’ll realize that one of the most rewarding dates you’ve had in the past few months turned out to be with you!

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