Ever wondered where the singles with the highest libido in Canada live? Us neither, but a new study did, and turns out…the lustiest singletons in the land reside in Vancouver! Maybe it’s something to do with all that healthy living and blood-pumping mountain hiking?

Dating site Elite Singles took to the streets recently, interrogating 40,000 random people on the street to see how much they agreed with the statement “I have a strong desire for sex”. The most enthusiastic responses came from the folk of the V-city, followed by that notorious hotbed of sexy times, Sault St Marie, with the amorous folk of Toronto rounding out the top 3. 

Last on the list? Well, that fell to the Quebecois, who in a decidedly un-French turn of events, accounted for all of the cities in the bottom “least libido” five. 

Do what these results what you will. 


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