Make your own traditions by checking out or suggestions for getting in the holiday spirit!

It’s the dawn of the holiday season. The bells are ringing, the carols are caroling and the misteltoe is, well, waiting. If you find yourself alone over the festive season, no need to panic and grab the shortbread. ELLE online gives you our optimistic options for handling the holidays in stride.

Relish your freedom
Unlike your married and coupled friends, you have a lot more time on your hands. Time that is not spent arguing and rushing to divide the holidays between his family and yours. This is a great opportunity to catch up on some much needed R&R and to connect with old friends you’ve lost touch with during the year.

Look forward to the coming year
New years is notoriously over rated – a fact shared by both couples and singles alike. Why not save yourself some agony and money and plan something with some close, single friends? New Years in a crowded bar isn’t always an opportunity to meet Mr. Right so spend the money you’re saving on cab fare, event tickets and over-priced, watered down cocktails on having a fabulous dinner catered in with great friends.

Indulging for one
Being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely and the holidays are certainly the time to surround yourself with great company, your own included. A mid-holiday day trip to the spa will rejuvenate the senses. Enjoy the solitude and luxury of time to yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the holiday buzz.

More presents for you!
Now that you have one less person to shop for why don’t you take the savings and treat yourself to a special holiday gift? Now might be the time to splurge on those sexy stillettos you’ve been day dreaming about.Kim Hughes, Editor of Lavalife Magazine offers further tips on getting through the holidays:

“Accept every invitation this season, even if it’s out in left field. You never know when or where you’re going to meet someone. We’re all looking and it will eventually happen but in the meantime enjoy the time in between. Network with other singles and focus on parties that are single oriented.”

Volunteering is another great way to boost your spirits over the holidays. “Helping those less fortunate is a great reminder of what it is you have as opposed to what you feel you’re missing. You’re also sharing your passion with like-minded individuals and you never know where that can lead.” says Hughes.