Here’s a fun fact for you: August is one of the most popular months for break ups! So if your romance has survived into the first week of September…congratulations! You and your paramour have beat the odds. 

That said…the science isn’t in your favour when it comes to the longevity of your summer fling post-September. This “back to school” season (even if you’re a grown up) is seen by psychologists as one of the “New Year” moments in the calendar, which means it’s a time people re-assess and take everything a little bit more seriously after the ease of the summer months. (Who knew summer Fridays had anything to do with your love life?!)

That’s why Jimmy the bartender/painter/free spirit was the perfect match for you in July, but maybe now that fall’s here, you’re not so sure you can listen to his shpiel about how world peace can be acheived through visualisation one more time. 

So all you lovebirds…you better reallly enjoy the last weekend of summer. 


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