Wordplay man•gage•ment ring
noun An engagement ring you give your fella.
Origin It’s a tradition in many South American countries for men to sport pre-wedding bling. Michael Bublé was recently seen flashing his own mangagement ring (a gift from Argentinian fiancée Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre).
Your line
“Could Angie soon have Brad joining the band of brothers?”
Try it
Get down on one knee and tell your man to “put a ring on it!” – Noah Lehava

Dashing pumpkins
Dish out a little pumpkin pie and lavender and you’re in for a nice trick and treat, says Judy Dutton, author of Secrets From the Sex Lab. Researchers who studied the link between scents and sex discovered that men get hot and bothered when they get a whiff of this sexy melon and herb. For women, it’s the smell of cucumber mixed with Good & Plenty. So, spice up your beauty routine with a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg. Philosophy Pumpkin Spice Muffin Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath ($26, as part of the Philosophy Trick or Treat set, exclusively at Sephora, 1-877-SEPHORA). – Ally Dean

Feeling like Sandra or Elin? We Recommend the following:
– Heartbroken Manhattanites can call Death Bear (natehillis nuts.com/3/death-bear), a man in a seven-foottall bear costume, to remove the painful artifacts of their broken relationships from their homes. Could this inspire a copycat in Canada? Death Beaver, anyone?

– For a clean, civilized breakup, soon-to-be exes can use the Au Revoir service (aure voirthebreakupservice. com) to send apology packages, like flowers and spa gift certificates, to stay in their dumpees’ good graces—you know, just in case they get back together…again.

– If you can’t make it to Colonial Park, Penn., where a local Goodwill boasts a Dump Your X’s Stuff service, Value Village (valuevillage.com) will do the trick. Your ex should just count himself lucky that you didn’t throw all his favourite belongings into a bonfire. Hey, at least it’s a good cause!

– If the restraining order hasn’t come through and he’s leaving you crazy phone messages at all hours, use the Fusion Voicemail Plus iPhone app. When your ex’s number pops up, he’ll get a personalized recording like “Stop calling, creep!” so you don’t have to change your digits.

– Put down the golf club— maybe someone else should handle this one. For a small fee, a breakup professional at IDUMP4U (idump.bradman.tv) will call to inform your partner that you want to see other people. (Warning: IDUMP4U posts some calls on YouTube.) – Alannah O’Neill