If your
relationships track record has been less-than-ideal of late you might be dating men from the wrong career field. Certain professions attract certain personality types – some that may match yours better than others. It is also essential to find someone with a job that can help your relationships, rather than hinder them. If you really want to find someone who both captures your interest and offers long-term dating potential, add job title to the list of qualities you’re looking for. What a person does all day can have a big impact on how you get along and whether or not your relationship will last.

If you are fed up with the people you have been dating, we picked out four occupations that just might offer what you’ve been looking for.

1. Accountant
A study done by the British matchmaking service Parship found that out of its 500,000 members, the number one profession singles were looking to build relationships with is an accountant. That’s not a surprising sentiment. One of the issues couples fight about most is finances. Whether it’s about what to spend on, how much to save or not having enough, arguments about money drives a wedge between a large number of couples. Having a partner who has his budget under control and who can also offer advice on how to keep your own accounts in check can be extremely beneficial.

Psychiatrists say that security is higher up on a dater’s wish list than passion and adventure. That may be true but you never know what you might find behind a suit and tie. Who says that reliable and stable number-cruncher can’t also be full of dating excitement?

2. Software engineer
It takes someone who is extremely innovative and forward thinking to have a successful career as a software engineer. If these are qualities you covet, you might want to give someone in this high-tech career a chance in the relationships department. Software engineers design and build everything from iPhone applications to video games making theirs a profession in serious demand. In today’s often unpredictable job market it can be comforting to know you likely won’t have to worry about your partner getting laid off anytime soon. Software engineers work in fun, creative environments and get paid generously. Not only will he be happy with his job (and thus content in general), you can be sure he will be spontaneous and open-minded. Not to mention you have your own personal computer genius to jazz up your phone, computer, iPad and other gadgets.

The university professor and the designer on the next page…


3. University professor
If riveting conversations, philosophical debates and creativity light your fire, try taking a chance on a university professor. He might not be the first type that comes to mind when you think of being swept off your feet, but a professor has to be charismatic. It’s his job to win over large classrooms of students who would likely rather be updating their Facebook status and watching YouTube videos than listening to his lecture, so he’ll know to catch your attention – and keep it. The best part is, he has a very flexible schedule. Besides class and office hours, any other time he has can be spent with you.

4. Designer (fashion, graphic, interior)
Bored with the latest crop of doctors, lawyers and salesmen? Dating a designer could be a refreshing change. A designer is usually is someone cultured, stimulating and who can help you see the world in a way you haven’t seen it before. They also have a keen eye for style and are incredibly creative. Being around someone like that, who appreciates every thread, table, image or photograph and never takes advantage of the small things, can inspire you. The more your partner inspires you, the more drawn to them you will be in the long term. Plus, they’ve chosen a career path they are passionate about and dating someone passionate is key if you want to stay out of a relationship rut. Going to work and doing something you love also keeps people satisfied, and the happier your partner is, the happier you are likely to be.

What do you think of dating-by-profession? Do you think some make better mates than others?

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