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1/7: How would you describe your first encounter?

Ashton and Mila:
We were so young! I thought he was inexperienced, but my opinion has changed a lot since then!
Ben and Jennifer: We met at work. We waited until we weren’t working together anymore to go public with our relationship.
Brad and Angelina: It was incendiary! Passion, intense attraction, hot, hot, hot! Nothing could keep us apart.

2/7: We love Sunday brunch especially when…

Brad and Angelina: The restaurant has long communal tables with lots of room for our growing family.
Ashton and Mila: It’s in a bistro with a relaxed atmosphere, tables on the terrace and a water bowl for Fido.
Ben and Jennifer: The restaurant supplies high chairs, menus for colouring and has no problem with noise!

3/7: What’s your favourite thing about him?

Ashton and Mila: He makes me laugh as much as the first day I met him. It’s great to be in love with your best friend!
Ben and Jennifer: He’s a terrific dad and I am the most important woman in the world to him. It’s great to be in love with your number one fan!
Brad and Angelina: We are equals. I have very high standards and he meets them all! It’s great to have found my perfect match!

4/7: Before you met, your love life was…

Brad and Angelina: Completely crazy – I was really into sexual experimentation. Let’s just say that you’re only young once!
Ashton and Mila: Stable. I take my relationships seriously, but when it’s time to say goodbye, I can move on, even if it hurts.
Ben and Jennifer: I was married! My first marriage didn’t survive. My ex and I weren’t meant to spend the rest of our lives together.

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5/7: After work, you slip into…

Ashton and Mila: Workout clothes. We go for a little jog together in the park. There’s no better way to start the evening!
Ben and Jennifer: Jeans and flats for me. For him? It doesn’t matter what he wears to mow the lawn…
Brad and Angelina: An evening gown for me and a tuxedo for him – we have to dress up for the gala. Of course, it’s not the buzz of the event that’s important for us – it’s supporting a good cause.

6/7: How would you describe your home decor?

Ben and Jennifer: We have newish furniture that’s covered with grape juice stains. But we don’t really care…
Ashton and Mila: Everything is brand new! We started fresh, leaving our past and previous relationships behind.
Brad and Angelina: Which house do you mean: the one in France or the one in the Eastern Townships?

7/7: Movie night: what are you watching?

Ben and Jennifer: There are lots of DVDs on constant rotation at our house. Which Disney film will we watch tonight for the hundredth time?
Brad and Angelina: A gripping documentary on the situation in the Congo. In fact we will be attending the film première along with the director and some humanitarian aid workers.
Ashton and Mila: We’re going out to the movies to see the latest action film – on IMAX if possible!

Find out which celebrity relationship is most like yours on the next page…

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Your relationship is most like…

Bennifer: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner

Family first — you have young children and it takes its toll on your relationship. Your whole life revolves around the kids and your weekends are filled with birthday parties and all kinds of child-friendly activities. You don’t care if anyone sees you shopping for groceries without your makeup — you know that the real stars in your life are waiting for you at home. Professionally, you and your spouse have tremendous mutual respect and support each other’s projects. But there’s no question that your greatest achievement is your little family that makes you happy and keeps you grounded.

Milashton: Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Friends first — you’ve known each other for a long time. Although you lost touch for quite a while, the sparks flew when you got back together. You’ve always had the hots for one another, but you had to wait for the right time, when you were both free, for your love to mature. Just spending quality time with your sweetie is the heart of your relationship. Since you’ve been together, life seems simpler and easier than ever. Sometimes you don’t even bother with your flat iron and just let your hair curl. In fact, that’s how he likes you best – natural. Life as a couple is great when you don’t have to act.

Brangelina: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

You’re a superstar couple — your Facebook page nearly exploded when you appeared together at a party and all of your mutual friends turned into paparazzi. As two real forces of nature, you’re the couple that everyone admires. But you use your superstar status to support good causes. Always willing to help the less fortunate and the people around you, your calendar is packed with fundraising galas and humanitarian trips. What brings you together is your shared vision of a better world that starts with the welfare of children around the globe. In fact, you can’t wait to have kids of your own, if you don’t already have them!

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