If you are a woman who is in a serious relationship with her job, you’re not alone. A growing number of women spend a majority of their time at work, and therefore often report trouble meeting potential mates and fostering a long-term relationship. And it’s no wonder – unless he is a client of yours, or works with you, Mr. Right will not find his way into your office (nor heart.)

But just because your work comes first, doesn’t mean you can’t handle a relationship. In fact, balancing your work life and personal life is a job in and of itself. No matter how busy you are, or how many hours a week you work, there is always enough time for a
personal relationship.

Here is some relationship advice to find a balance between your work life and personal life, and hopefully find love:

Networking events

Instead of relying on online dating to find potential love interests, accept an invite to a networking event instead. Since your work is the area in which you flourish, you’ll feel at ease in this sort of surrounding. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people, and discuss what you love. Be open-minded to having someone you meet follow up with you via email. Who knows what some back-and-forth emailing might lead to?

Make time

There is no such thing as too busy. Whether you are the president, an ER doctor, or a CEO of a company, you are able to make the time for someone else, if only you allow yourself to. People use “too busy” as an excuse to maintain old habits (ie: drowning in, and perfecting your work) but at the end of the day, it is our relationships with others and our families that will fulfill us the most. Our relationship advice? Stop making excuses and start making time for someone else. It’s not healthy for all of one person’s energy to be on work. Even if it is late-night meals with your partner at your office, inviting them to meet you for your lunch break, or having them stand by your side at a work event, there are opportunities to spend quality time.

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Keep plans

Many women are unable to sustain their relationships because their demanding schedules can often lead to last minute cancellations on plans. Although this happening on occasion would be understood by any supportive partner, constantly bailing leaves your other half unsure of when to take you seriously. Don’t make a commitment unless you plan on following through with it. This makes you more authentic and allows your partner to be more sympathetic the odd time that something last-minute does come up.

Prioritize your partner

Perhaps you hold the reigns at work, but your relationship shouldn’t be treated as a business relationship. It’s a partnership and you are both equals. Relationships work best when the balance of power is equal. Know when to prioritize work responsibilities with your relationship responsibilities.

When you get home come end of day in your power suit and sit down wondering why your relationships never seem to work out, and why you think you’d only be able to find The One if only you had the time to make an online dating profile, then let the above sink in so you can change your mindset and habits. See this article as a business report. Study it, learn the need-to-knows and take action.

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