Read, Listen, Download: Three Things to Help Reinvent Yourself

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Do your homework.

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    We all need a little help.
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    While researching her book, Ann Shoket—former longtime editor of Seventeen magazine—had a series of dinners with twenty- and thirtysomething women to talk about the quest to find the career, relationship and friend groups that would fulfill them. The result? Realistic advice, relatable stories and buckets of inspiration.

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    Sam Laliberte quit her software-sales job in summer 2017 to go freelance (doing brand consulting and business development, among other things), and her freedom inspired her to start a podcast in which she talks to other entrepreneurial women about the life-changing benefits of going solo. Don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to turn your kitchen into an office by episode 2.
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    Feeling down, whether about the state of the world (totally justifiable) or the state of your life (totally fixable), is a pretty big obstacle on the road to You 2.0. But (you guessed it) there’s an app for that. Happify’s games, quizzes and activities are designed to get you thinking more positively, and its approach is grounded in actual scientific research. Think of it as fun therapy.
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    Design Your Next Chapter by Debbie Travis is all about realizing dreams and changing your path no matter your age or life stage. The lifestyle-TV-pioneer-cum-Tuscany-retreat-owner offers 10 commandments that will help get you over risk inertia as well as tips on budgeting and finding investors.

    This article first appeared in the February 2019 issue of ELLE Canada

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