Easy, fun, approachable: three words that are rarely applied to the world of online dating. Between the never-ending games, the go-nowhere messages and the major time investment with…let’s call them lacklustre results, it’s no wonder so many of us have taken total app sabbaticals. Throw in our “new normal” circumstances—which impede our ability to have a traditional first date—and it’s become even more critical to first get it right online.

Enter Shift Dating, a concierge service that arms you with the tools and the confidence you need to navigate the complexities of the online dating world. With a research-based, results-driven approach, the team at Shift Dating know how to work the algorithmic machine that online dating has become.

It’s the reason we’re so starved for fulfilling matches. Our swipe-happy tendencies—with no real strategy—mean we’re often falling into the trap of unintentional dating, says Anita Sedgwick, CEO of Shift Dating. “We’re not thinking through what matters to us, what we’d like to see in a prospective partner,” she says. “We’re not creating a smart, honed-in approach—we’re generating a fire hose of options.”

Want to move from this unfavourable stream to a pool of quality candidates? That’s where Shift Dating can be your “opt-out button,” says Sedgwick. “We’re here to lift the hood on the broken online dating machine.” No matter where you are in your dating journey, Shift’s trained and trusted coaches can help you establish your relationship objectives, eliminate the intimidation factor and boost your chances of finding that perfect match. Consider their profile-set-up service: Shift creates a compelling and clickable profile by tapping a range of experts, including their in-house writing staff and photography pros. If you’re short on time, Shift can fully take over the online dating process for you, screening, reviewing and reporting on potential candidates while managing your messages with real-time coaching.

Wondering what it’s actually like to put your dating life in the hands of experts? A recent Shift client met up with her Executive Online Dating Manager who was able to get a feel for her most attractive qualities as well as what a meaningful relationship looks like to her. “A few days later, with all hands on deck, we were able to post her new profile, completely retooled, and get her the attention she deserved,” says Sedgwick. Within a few weeks, this client was meeting up via FaceTime and Zoom with exactly the kinds of matches she’d always wanted.

“It’s time to stop playing games, putting up random selfies and spending hours of your life checking your app for messages,” says Sedgwick. “Life is too short.” The future of dating is here, and, we gotta say, it’s looking a little brighter.