Frankly, ghosting (cowardly as that is) seems a kinder option than the service offered by a new Canadian start up, who will break up with someone on your behalf…via text, or email if you pay extra. 

In the two weeks that it’s been in operation, Vancouver-based The Break Up Shop has done the deed for over 60 people who can’t quite break the bad news to the person they wish they weren’t dating anymore. 

For the princely sum of $10, the two man team will send out a “personalised” text to your soon-to-be ex, essentially a few platitudes in 100 words or less. For the deeper pocketed, they offer the “break up and a bouquet”, which at least softens the impersonal blow with a tasteful floral arrangement. For the real bottom end of the budget, there are $5 break up snaps, presumably using the crying eye filter.

So…would you / have you used a service like The Break Up Shop? 


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