Everything you need for a chill weekend at home

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The cold weather is fast approaching. Keep yourself warm and relaxed with this at-home survival kit.

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    Jonesing for a nap? By all means, curl up under the covers, but keep your feet out. This helps to cool down the body, which is essential for a good sleep.

    Alpaca blanket ($1,790), at holtrenfrew.com.


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    Perfect for your tea or — who are we kidding? —  mulled wine.

    Glass Mug by V de V ($17), at vdevmaison.com.
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    You had us at mohair.

    Polyester, wool and mohair sweater by Tomorrowland ($740), at thebay.com.
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    Candle equals instant luxury-spa vibes.

    Coconut wax blend candle by Valuspa ($11), at chapters.indigo.ca.


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    Making plans is hard work. New Brunswick artist Siobhan Gallagher is here to help. The NYC-based illustrator (who’s a contributor to Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter) designed a choose-your-own-adventure book, In a Daze Work, to make those excruciating ‚Ä®life decisions (should I binge-watch Black Mirror or go to my friend’s party?) a little easier.
    The best news? Even if your in-book escapade takes you all the way to a dive bar on the other side of town, your real self never has to leave the couch. 

    In a Daze Work by Siobhan Gallagher ($20), at chapters.indigo.ca.


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