ELLE First Roundup

Apr 06 2016 by
Categories : Life and Love

Each month, Elle Canada asks a Canadian writer to share a significant “first” in his or her life. Some of the tales include Elizabeth Renzetti on the first time she tried ayahuasca in the jungles of Ecuador; Heather O’Neill on the first time she got published; Madeleine Thien on the first time she searched for a room of her own; Johanna Skibsrud on the first time she travelled alone; Angie Abdou on her first attempt at an intervention; Lauren Kirshner on her first crush; David Bezmozgis on the birth of his first child;  Sarah Selecky on the first time she bought a house; Emma Hooper on her first job in a freak show; Jessica Grant on surviving her first hurricane…and many more.

Categories: Life and Love