Word play

flit•ter verb To flirt via Twitter.

Origin Flitter happenings—which were started by Justin Parfitt, founder and CEO of FastLife, a Canadian-based dating-service provider—are parties where people are assigned a number and then spend the night sending flirty messages that are posted on a giant projection screen for all to see. Your line “#222, you’re dreamy, but #175, meet me at the bar.”

Try it Can’t find a flitter party in your area? Find your tweetheart at plentyoftweeps.com. – Ava Baccari

I-spy virtual matchmaking

• The Skout iPhone app lets you browse potential matches in your area. Type in your criteria (tall, dark and handsome) and a HotMap will pop up to show real-time locations of other Skout users who match your wish list.

Serendipity makes dating as simple as a pop-up photo that asks “Do you want to meet this person?” Your iPhone will vibrate when a possible love connection is in your area—allowing you to screen for Mr. Right without blind-dating all the Mr. Wrongs.

• For BlackBerry users, the Plenty of Fish app lets you search for other singles and send virtual gifts to potential mates. Once you’ve found your fella, select the Set the Mood app to play jazz and display an animated fireplace. – Alannah O’Neill

Blood lust
In some parts of the world, singles in search of a soulmate are more likely to ask “What’s your blood type?” than “What’s your sign?” In Japan and Korea, dating based on blood type, which reportedly reveals personality traits, is widespread and nearly everybody knows his or her type— in both senses of the word. In Canada, stats show only half of us know our blood type—but you can always swing by a donor clinic to scope out the prospects. – Phoenix Tarampi

How to find some sanguine love

Type A (calm and patient but stubborn) Type AB (rational and sociable
but indecisive) = good match

Type B (individualistic and optimistic but unpredictable) Type AB = good match

Type O (loyal and passionate but jealous) Type O = good match

Type O Type A = bad match

Type A Type B = bad match

High-style dinning

Raise your privacy level Claustrophobics, beware! Bravi Ristorante (bravi.ca) boasts the most intimate dining experience in Toronto. Cozy up at a romantic table for two—located in a revamped grain elevator—that takes you up and away. Bonus: Is “elevator” on your bucket list?

The sky’s the limit Attention, all dating daredevils: Feed your thrill-seeking appetite with Dinner in the Sky (dinnerinthesky. ca), which lets you nosh on appies and entrées at a table suspended 50 metres in the air. Bonus: This look-at-me attraction is the perfect amusement for the couple that craves attention—wallflowers with vertigo, steer clear! – Allison Dean

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