2020 has upended norms for us all, from our living situations (hello, Mom and Dad), to our dating habits (bring on virtual romance) – in fact, Bumble’s data reveals that 40% of daters say they are no longer confident that they know how to date successfully, and two out of three claim not to feel comfortable navigating the changes 2020 has brought to the dating landscape.

Bumble’s year-end guide to all things dating in the time of COVID-19 includes the new and unforeseen dating trends, dating hacks to get a leg up (no pun intended), expert advice and a ton of other helpful resources.

To help daters navigate these uncharted waters, Bumble’s Dating 101 in 2021 dives into everything from new digital dating conventions and virtual meet-up etiquette, to approaches to relationships and mental wellness in this new environment.

“Daters find dating complicated and overwhelming, and the stakes are high for connecting in the age of COVID-19 when considering health and safety risks,” says Jemma Ahmed, Bumble’s Head of Insights. With Dating 101 in 2021, the Bumble community will be equipped with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of this new normal though.