Two-thirds of you said your last sexual encounter had happened within the past week, and about the same number reported that it all went down in 30 minutes or less. That’s including foreplay: One-third spent just one to five minutes warming up, and about half of you spent from six to 20 minutes.

For one in five of you, this was a casual hookup. The rest of you were with your live-in love or a committed partner.

27% of you cuddled for one to five minutes; another 27% snuggled for more than 20 minutes.

54% gave oral sex the last time you had sex and 43% received it; 5% had anal sex.

When it comes to sexual positions, you change it up: 21% used one position during your last encounter, 37% used two, 28% used three and 14% used four or more.

91% described your last time between the sheets as either very pleasurable or somewhat pleasurable. But the rest of you said it was not very, or not at all, fun.

29% of respondents lost their virginity between the ages of 18 and 20.




Body odour and personal grooming. According to 65% of readers, penis size is NBD. “Not too big or too small – average is good,” said one respondent, who clearly lives by the Goldilocks golden rule.




Almost 90% of respondents said they do not negatively judge people who watch porn. In fact, 21% watch it one to three times a month, 23% tune in a few times a year and almost one-third of you have watched it at some point (but don’t currently). It’s also worth noting that more than half of those who do watch porn said it gives them inspo in bed. These are largely solo missions: Half of you said you never watch porn with a partner. One-third of you said you check it out with your boo a few times a year, but that figure climbs as high as 42% for married women. Spark = alive and well.




68% of readers in the Atlantic provinces say they orgasm during sex most or all of the time.

42% of women masturbate once or more a week. 61% have finished themselves off when their partner didn’t – and half of these women did it on the sly.

6% of respondents who are in relationships identify theirs as polyamorous. Of those, 74% have one or two romantic partners and 18% have three or more.