#1 Education is key:

“As clichéd as it sounds, I would say ‘Stay in school!’”
“Work your ass off in school.”
“Dump your boyfriend and focus on school.”
“Stay in school and stay away from the punk boys.”
“Date. Have fun. It’s not all about school.”
“Don’t worry so much about school.”
“Don’t let go of any options in school or life until you really know what you want to do.” 

#2 Enjoy your life:

“Live your life with no regrets.”
“Don’t plan your life according to someone else.”
“There is more to life than day-to-day issues.”
“Stop trying to change the world and enjoy your trip.”
“Relax; life is not so serious.”
“Take life more seriously.”
“Everyday life gets in the way of dreams, so be prepared!”
“Keep dreaming and use your imagination because that’s the most fun way to get through life.”
“Laugh it off.”
“Don’t rush things; enjoy the present because you don’t get this time back.”
“Most clichés are clichés for a reason. Listen to their wisdom!” 

#3 Love, marriage & relationships:

“Get to know yourself before you decide to get into a relationship.”
“There are other things in life besides a husband and children.”
“Don’t rush it! Enjoy life, get a great career and delay your family – that can happen when everything else is achieved.”
“Get married earlier to avoid fertility issues.”
“Fight for the relationships you want to last.”
“Don’t fall in love so young.”
“Make love.”
“Have more sex.”
“Use condoms.”
“Adults are right when they tell you that your dreams will change.”
“Don’t be a bitch to your parents.”
“Love your grandmother more.”
“Love your dad more.”
“Love your brother because one day he’ll be gone.” 

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#4: Career & money:

“Money isn’t everything…don’t work as much.”
“Don’t chase after a career based on salary – dream about a career you’ll actually enjoy doing.”
“Have a career you can depend on for life.”
“Don’t pigeon-hole yourself into one field or another.”
“Do what you love and love what you do, and you will be in love.”
“You’ll regret your failure to act more than your failures.”
“Make a plan, then make two alternates!”
“Buy a condo or house now.”
“Save money!”
“Save 60 percent.”
“Invest in Apple.”
“Start your RRSPs.”
“Hard work might not seem worth it at the time, but it always pays off.”
“Question everything.”
“Forget about being a rock star.”
“Relax and get a government job.”
“Don’t skip those typing classes – you’ll need them when you have an office job!” 

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#5: Be your best self:

“Love yourself the way you are.”
“Don’t compare yourself to others, only to your past self.”
“Talk to people about their life experiences, and learn from that.”
“Love your flaws.”
“Accept your body the way it is. You are beautiful!”
“After high school ends, being different will be a good thing.”
“Be a bit more selfish and put your own well-being and happiness ahead of anything or anyone else.”
“Be wild.”
“Wear more makeup, and learn how to pull your hair up into a high bun.”
“Wear sunblock.”
“Don’t use tanning beds.”
“Don’t overpluck your eyebrows.”
“Your skin will get better.”
“Don’t start smoking.”
“For the love of God, don’t drop acid!!!”
“Exercise more.”
“Learn programming.”
“Learn to swim.”
“Never give up the guitar.”