Writer Bobby Box took a leap of faith publishing his marriage proposal to his girlfriend Sarah Beatson in the July issue of ELLE Canada. Here’s how it all played out off the page. Spoiler alert: She said “yes”!

The morning of June 2, I received roughly ten copies of the July issue of ELLE Canada in my mailbox. The evening prior, I had ordered a 12-pack of our favourite flavoured donuts, with a congratulatory message written on them. I went out to pick up the donuts under the pretense that I was getting a haircut (true) and meeting my dad for lunch (not true). During this time Sarah was at the mall.

I got home and laid out a blanket in our backyard for a boozy picnic setup. She finally got home and met me in the backyard, where I had already prepped my laptop’s webcam. It didn’t take long before I handed her the magazine, telling her there was a story that reminded me of us in it. She actually read most of the story before looking up! She insisted afterwards that she knew it was a legitimate proposal about halfway in but that she wasn’t expecting a ring.
Ultimately, the day couldn’t have gone better. And I would like to thank everybody at ELLE Canada for making this unique and very public proposal possible. I am elated that the published proposal is a significant part of our love.
See below for a live replay of the proposal.


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