Not feeling the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and wilting bouquets this year? Perhaps your relationship with
Valentine’s Day has run its course. Rekindle that old flame by ditching the greeting card-inspired traditions: we’ve listed 7 quirky and totally rom-com worthy date ideas to fête February 14.

Valentine’s Day date idea #1: Play games

Games are a great way to spruce up your Valentine’s Day date night, whether
9 ½ Weeks-inspired or something slightly more PG. Just make it romantic: create an intimate candlelit dinner and transform your kitchen into a laboratory of sensual proportions. First, blindfold your date with a silky scarf. Then serve up a meal of delicious dishes rich in texture and stimulating scents (note: these can be of the ordered-in variety). Test the culinary advancement of their palette, rewarding correct answers with a kiss. For dessert, remove the blindfold and indulge in a variety of sweets while gazing out unblinkingly into each other’s eyes—it’s a win-win situation.

Valentine’s Day date idea #2: Take a Bueller-style day off

Who said that Valentine’s Day festivities must begin after hours? Pencil in an early breakfast date before work. Or make a surprise midday appearance at the office for a lunch-hour tribute to your romance. Should you be so bold, take the rest of the afternoon off for a leisurely drive together: order drive-thru takeout, blare the radio and savour the unbridled excitement of sneaking in time together while ambling through the city. Just be back in time to punch in the clock.

Valentine’s Day date idea #3: Engage in an imaginary treasure hunt

Take an interesting detour to your date’s heart via their imagination. Send texts throughout the day containing clues to different locations that will prompt memories of shared good times together there. The last clue will lead straight to the restaurant—where you’ll be waiting, glass of champagne in hand.

Valentine’s Day date idea #4: Make a team-effort proposal

Enlist the help of friends and co-workers for a spectacularly cute proclamation of love—or in the very least, a dinner request. Have co-workers bring your Valentine-to-be their daily Starbucks fix taped with a note stating your plans for the evening. And a number where they can profess their ‘I dos’.

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Valentine’s Day date idea #5: Spend the day in reverse

Do away with routine for the day: start off with a toast with fruity cocktails served in martini glasses before heading to the office. After returning home for the night, immediately slip out of your
workday attire and cozy up in your pajamas. Prepare a full-on breakfast together –eggs, bacon, the works— to be served in bed along with mimosas. Cheers!

Valentine’s Day date idea #6: Have a tropical escape at home

For the illusion of a
romantic summer getaway mid-February, carefully employ the following: scatter exotic plants throughout your apartment and mix up a slew of colourful cocktails.
Voila! Your living room is now a tropical beach. Then download island-inspired music to your iPod and have it softly playing in the background. Reach for your favourite
coconut-infused body oil and take turns giving each other soothing massages. Best part of this at-home tropical vacay? No need for sunscreen.

Valentine’s Day date idea #7: Take a romantic stroll down memory lane

Select the four places that have had the most
significant impact on your relationship—this could be the bar where you first locked eyes or restaurant where you discovered your mutual love of cats. On Valentine’s Day, spend the afternoon visiting these storied locales and recounting treasured moments to one another. End up at a new spot at night and ask the bartender to create a unique cocktail to toast this year’s occasion.

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