Even though we won’t have to get through another intense ordeal of planets butting heads the way they have these past several months, we still have to be patient before going back to our old ways. But who are we kidding – we don’t actually want things to go back to being exactly the way they were. Aren’t we loving the working remotely vibe?


March 21st to April 19th

2021 is all about your career and igniting a passion for a hobby you never thought you could make a living out of. Here’s to dreaming well beyond your wildest 9-to-5 routine. If you’re currently looking for a professional opportunity, get your ducks in a row between now and April. Before May, you might find yourself embarking on a new adventure, fully aligned with your ultimate life ambition.

April 20th to May 20th

If there’s a sign who has suffered in 2020, it’s you, dear Taurus. No need to tell us how much you appreciate the finer things in life – we already know, and we feel your pain. As life will slowly start getting back to normal in 2021, you will have many opportunities to indulge in decadent meals (in actual restaurants) and travel to the places that reign supreme on your bucket list. Take it all in.

May 21st to June 20th

While many zodiac signs will navigate through some ups and downs in the new year, you’ll be blessed with loads of positivity, in several aspects of your life. For once, you’ll be the person your friends flock to in search of good times – a role you’ll gladly fulfill. Embrace your joie de vivre and you’ll see life unfold in the most amazing of ways in 2021!

June 21st to July 22nd

Here comes the quarantine specialist: the Crab. As much as you quickly adapted to the unprecedented reality of 2020,  you must admit that you’re getting angsty to get out and stretch your legs. You’re eager to gain perspective from meeting new people in a faraway setting. Since you’re still our homebody, why not look into spiritual retreats? Explore the new you!

July 23rd to Aug. 22nd

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Whether you realize it now or later, 2020 has shaped you into the better version of yourself.  All the roller coaster rides you have been on have   blessed you with the greatest insight of the universe: learning how to let go. Embrace the spontaneity of life in 2021 and you might be surprised at the outcome.

Aug. 23rd to Sept. 22nd

Work hard, play hard. As an Earth sign who gets satisfaction from checking things off your to-do list, your work ethic is something that you take lots of pride in. Luckily, 2021 is putting the spotlight on your career, meaning big rewards for the  efforts you’ve been consistently putting in at work. However, you’re not one to cut yourself some slack. Find yourself a partner with whom you can enjoy some playful moments to balance it all out.

Sept. 23rd to Oct. 22nd

The shake-up of 2020 has probably made you realize that there is no time like now. As an Air sign, you feel most fulfilled when you’re learning something new and exposing yourself to innovative ideas. Why not seize the opportunity to go back to school or volunteer for a program that speaks to your core values? Stimulate your brain cells with new conversations and ways of thinking.

Oct. 23rd to Nov. 21st

While some aspects of life will feel lighter in 2021, others might seem more challenging. However, it doesn’t mean that you should re-hibernate until the end of the new year. You should instead set new goals and work relentlessly towards achieving them, as if you were Grace Fraser in The Undoing. In the end, it all works out, doesn’t it? You know it does.

Nov. 22nd to Dec. 21st

What a time to be alive, dear citizen of the world. Despite life being on pause, your wheels haven’t stopped turning as you came to outline your most authentic and fundamental wishes in life. When you don’t take the time to smell the roses (or the coffee – whichever you prefer), you tend to get through life without checking in with yourself. Let the most genuine you come out and play – the universe will welcome you with open arms.

Dec. 22nd to Jan. 19th

2021 calls for a new beginning in your personal development. As the Goat of the zodiac, your comfort zone is found in structure and rules. However, the world has shifted (understatement much?) in 2020 and the new year is all about you learning to embrace the uncertainty of the future. With some light shining on your professional and love lives, you might finally learn how to say “no”. Way to go!

Jan. 20th to Feb. 18th

We have a feeling you might already have a vague idea what 2021 has in store for you. In 2020, you have been given a preview of what’s to be expected and you’re not one to shy away from sporadic uncertainty. Show us the way and teach us how to trust the process. We all need your vibrations in the new year.

Feb. 19th to March 20th

You might be taken by surprise here and there in the new year. The key to your success will be to stay grounded and stick to your values. It won’t always be easy, as you are sensitive to the universe’s vibrations. The world is still coming out of a major realignment so you might want to consider deepening your spiritual practice. Embrace self-care and you’ll welcome the a happier you.

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