Everyone’s feeling the effects of social distancing and self-isolation. Now that we’re into our second month of quarantine, and we’ve already binged Tiger King, made every internet-famous Alison Roman recipe and called our parents a minimum of seven times daily, well…what else is there?

If you’re struggling to stay busy (and struggling to stay off Twitter), we’ve rounded up some ideas that’ll help you pass the time. The best part? They’re based on your zodiac sign’s key characteristics and personality traits.

So if you’re not exactly sure what to do today, let the stars decide for you.


As the most energetic zodiac sign, you’ll need a way to channel that energy, STAT. May we suggest an at-home workout class? We’ve already rounded up what you’ll need.


You’re the earth sign that most craves the comfort of an indulgent meal or a perfect glass of wine, so you probably really miss going out to restaurants and bars. Join a virtual wine club that delivers the goods straight to your door, then log in online to discuss the notes and flavour profiles with your fellow connoisseurs. We bet you won’t be the only Taurus there.


This chatty, witty air sign needs constant mental stimulation, which is no easy feat during these isolated times. Now’s the time to finally get around to creating that (virtual) book club with your friends that you’ve always talked about.


Bake a loaf of sourdough bread, of course. Unlike everyone else, you probably already baked sourdough bread regularly pre-quarantine. Now’s the time to flex those baking skills on Instagram.


This outdoorsy fire sign craves sunshine, and luckily the weather’s getting nicer, so make sure you get outside each day—while maintaining proper distance from others, of course. Go for a run, take a walk around the block or bring your yoga mat to your balcony or backyard and get stretching.


We’ll go ahead and assume that as the zodiac’s most organized, schedule-obsessed sign, you’ve already filled your calendar with hobbies and activities that are centered around some sort of self-improvement. Our challenge to you, Virgo, is to take a step back and cut yourself some slack. Carve out some time each day to sit around and do…nothing.


Host a fancy dinner party via Zoom. Not only are you the social butterfly of the zodiac, but you love any excuse to dress up. Spritz on your favourite fragrance, pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy a virtual meal with 65 of your closest friends.


As a moody water sign, you already have a tendency to isolate yourself when things get hard. While self-isolation is the only real option these days, make sure you still check in with your loved ones (and allow them to check in on you, too). Schedule a weekly Skype date with your parents, siblings or BFFs, and spend an hour trying out a new recipe together and discussing the delicious outcomes.


As the traveller of the zodiac, you’ve probably never been home for this long—ever. But don’t let the lack of adventure get you down; immerse yourself in a good travel show on Netflix, and add to your bucket list of places to see once you’re able to travel again.


One word: puzzles. As a logical, practical, introverted earth sign, you actually enjoy being indoors (albeit not for this long) and you probably have a few jigsaw puzzles lying around. Crack open your hardest, most time-consuming one and get to it. The hours will fly by.


As the zodiac’s most artistic sign, this is a great time for you to flex your creative muscles and get lost in your many hobbies. Pick up the guitar that’s been collecting dust in your apartment, order some watercolour paints or get back into journaling.


You’re a highly empathetic and emotional water sign, so you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the weight of the situation, Pisces. Give yourself a rest by drawing a bath each night, lighting some candles and turning on a meditation app. Your mind will thank you.


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