For a more in-depth reading, check your Rising sign—which is based on your exact time of birth—and then your Sun sign, a.k.a. the one that’s assigned to you based on your date of birth. If you’re not sure what your Rising sign is, no worries—just go with what you know!


MAY 21 – JUNE 20
The month of June begins on a particularly festive note, with a gentle breeze of optimism blowing into your life. Let yourself be swayed by what makes you feel good rather than what you think you should do; the less you compare yourself to others the easier it will be for wealth and happiness to float toward you. In the middle of summer, your desire for spontaneity is hampered by important work obligations. By mid-August, a sense of frustration prompts you to make adjustments—you can’t be everywhere at once. Although your need to shine will have to wait, you may have the chance to see your talents elevated by choosing your projects wisely. You’re particularly sensitive to the Mercury transit, so its retrograde in August could disrupt your domestic and family sphere, prompting you to set aside your pride for more effective communication. During this time, an open and curious mind will be your best asset.

Your summer tarot card is the THREE OF CUPS, which encourages you to make friendships a priority. Deepen your existing connections, and choose your collaborations based on the people you want to get closer to.


JUNE 21 – JULY 22
The summer starts with activities that take place behind the scenes—and away from prying eyes. You will need solitude to deal with more spiritual matters and work on getting rid of harmful habits by taking responsibility for your actions instead of blaming others or relevant circumstances. The month of July, on the other hand, offers you the chance to start a new cycle that requires action- and risk-taking. Take advantage of the new moon on July 5 to put your six-month plan in writing. The month of August promises to be a little more chaotic and encourages you to organize yourself better so as not to spread yourself too thin. Be extra careful when communicating, emailing and exchanging information. Ensuring your schedule isn’t too busy will help you avoid careless mistakes.

Your summer tarot card is TEMPERANCE. It reminds you that it is essential to have faith in life and trust that everything happens when the time is right. Be patient, and don’t rush anything.


The first signs of summer encourage you to expand your social circle. Join a book club, get involved in a political organization or participate in a softball tournament to meet new people. In addition to opening new doors, these encounters can boost your self-esteem. July is a time of deep introspection that requires you to work on your ability to let go. You will need time and an empathetic ear to help you clarify your intentions and motivations. Your astrological season, which starts on July 22, will bring you a boost of energy while shaking up some of your personal relationships. August is a good time to review how your resources—from your monthly budget to the time and energy you give to others—are allocated. Acknowledging your self-worth and making changes based on healthy self-esteem are at the heart of this period.

Your summer tarot card is the FIVE OF CUPS. It reminds you that while disappointment is difficult, it can help you refocus on what’s really important to you.


The start of your summer promises plenty of professional opportunities and maybe even increased public recognition. While this period may be marked by the achievement of goals and an increase in freedom in your career, you should consider having a system in place to meet the growing demand. In July, you find solace in groups and communities that support your well-being and your need for emotional depth. From mid-July, you feel the urge to retreat to your inner temple and escape from the intensity of the outside world. Honour this need for solitude as it will fuel your creativity. In August, you’re juggling career development with relationships that need your attention. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember that your allies are there to support you. Be creative, and take steps to redefine the balance between these two spheres of your life.

Your summer tarot card is the EIGHT OF CUPS, which symbolizes the need for a retreat when everything seems to be moving too fast. Take the time to integrate the changes to come.


At the beginning of summer, you embark on a very stimulating exploration phase in which travel or learning opportunities could arise unexpectedly. Your intellectual curiosity pushes you to broaden your horizons and shake up your routine. Take advantage of this time to express your ideas, but be sure to avoid doing so too impulsively. July promises to be a time of significant advances in your career, and perhaps there will even be a change in your marital status. What has been slowly growing in your private life is ready to be formalized. In August, you have the chance to review and complete a few projects, which allows you to transition into fall with a burst of freshness. Remember that you’re allowed to make mistakes, so don’t let a fear of failure stop you from taking calculated risks.

Your summer tarot card is THE HERMIT. This reminds you of the importance of moments of introspection in order to address the big internal questions. The answers you’re looking for are within you.


The beginning of your summer has a theme of generosity. You offer your resources without concern, and you could receive something unexpected. Abundance comes in different forms: financial, informational or emotional. Whatever its nature, you learn to recognize life’s gifts and welcome them without guilt, fully appreciating their value. In July, a quest for freedom pushes you to seek out new endeavours. To deepen your self- knowledge, explore different places or immerse yourself in something you’re passionate about. Either way, it’s essential to gain inspiration from new experiences. In August, you have the opportunity to revisit a goal that you had previously let go. At the end of the month, push aside your imposter feelings to better catch the flowers thrown at you.

Your summer tarot card is JUSTICE. It reminds you that while it’s noble to have good intentions, it’s just as important to think about the impact of your actions.


From the first days of summer, partnerships of all kinds are brought to the fore to help you create new alliances that will evolve over the next 12 months. Be confident in your value, and let your curiosity guide you toward fruitful collaborations. During this time, your relationships are a useful learning source. With the arrival of July, you enter a transition phase that requires you to sort out your life by following your instincts. Write down situations that make you feel overwhelmed, tense or uncomfortable, because they are there to unsettle you just enough to prompt you to make changes. In August, it’s time to review your career ambitions and align them with your values. Ask yourself what is truly important to you, and dare to fully commit to what will bring you closer to the person you want to become.

Your summer tarot card is the QUEEN OF SWORDS. It helps you set clear boundaries and exercise sound judgment when it comes to selecting the people and projects you want to invest yourself in.


Summer brings fun and fluidity to your work, health and daily routines. You manage details effectively, and your skills are recognized by your peers. Collaboration with colleagues is at its best, and you have the energy to make beneficial and lasting changes to your lifestyle. In July, your relationships are at the heart of your personal development. Don’t be afraid to slow down and enjoy sweet moments with the people you care about most or even solidify a business relationship. The Mercury transit fosters important conversations that could strengthen your bonds in a meaningful way. In August, you may be confronted by your inner critic and encouraged to look deep within yourself to address whatever is preventing you from achieving your full potential.

Your summer tarot card is STRENGTH. It reminds you that resilience also means having the courage to keep your heart wide open, even in the face of adversity.


You perceive the arrival of summer like you would a school bell sounding the beginning of recess. It’s time to put away your work tools and prioritize fun, but it’s best to avoid getting into expensive hobbies as your budget could need tightening in mid-August. In July, you feel the need to take care of yourself through a lifestyle that promotes gentleness, slowness and solitude. Avoid being of service to others so much that you forget to meet your own needs. During the month of August, your emotional world might be slightly shaken. However, you have everything you need to take on challenges with an innovative spirit. By doing so, you are able to assert your individuality more strongly, especially in the family sphere, which could have a positive impact on your personal relationships.

Your summer tarot card is the QUEEN OF CUPS, symbolizing your ability to use your own resources to find emotional stability. Listening to your intuition will help you follow your path.


Summer begins with an aura of lightness and positivity. Are you considering moving, renovating or getting a new roommate? No matter what changes take place, their purpose is to increase your feelings of security, happiness and inner contentment. In July, prioritize activities that help you relax and unwind. Rather than overwhelm yourself with obligations, ask yourself what gives you both pleasure and a sense of well-being. By figuring out the answer to this question, you will find a better balance. In August, it’s important to look at obligations that weigh you down. Sure, you have commitments to fulfill, but it’s important to communicate your boundaries so you can better discern how to spend your precious energy.

Your summer tarot card is the EIGHT OF SWORDS, a symbol of the restrictions you impose on yourself. These months are meant to be light for you, so try to free yourself of burdens and open yourself up to new perspectives


The start of summer gives you a zest for life that pushes you to get out of the house, flirt with your barista and strike up friendly conversations with your neighbours. On June 4, a meeting sparks your curiosity and inspires you to take a new learning path. Be careful not to get overloaded with information; organize the results of your research so you don’t get lost. Once summer is in full swing, you feel the need to temporarily retreat and become a bit of a homebody. Don’t ignore the importance of comfort in your personal and emotional life. You need to feel safe to address any intense emotions that surface. You’ll be glad you topped up your energy stores because August promises to be an eventful month at work. On August 14, you are motivated to assert yourself with courage and confidence. With Mercury in retrograde, you find yourself slowing down and reconnecting with the activities that motivate you on a daily basis.

Your summer tarot card is the QUEEN OF PENTACLES, which reminds you of the importance of staying aware of your body’s needs and adapting your daily routine to meet them, as they can fluctuate depending on the situations you encounter.


APRIL 20 – MAY 20
The summer season kicks off with a self-esteem boost, inspiring you to proudly share your values with the world. Your mind is engaged in investing your financial resources wisely. Ask questions so you can make informed decisions, but avoid getting lost in a never-ending quest for information that could hinder your ability to take action. In July, don’t underestimate the small daily rituals that bring you comfort. Whether you take a long evening walk with a friend or have sunrise meditation sessions, find beauty in every moment. In August, despite a busy social calendar, take the time to prioritize relationships that fulfill you. Don’t hesitate to cancel commitments to make time for yourself.

Your summer tarot card is the NINE OF CUPS, which symbolizes pleasure and contentment. It encourages you to find these feelings in yourself rather than in material possessions.