Clarity coach Chris Corsini (@chriscorsini) is back to help guide us through Leo season. Here, he talks standing in your power, owning your skills and getting what’s yours this month. Watch the video (with captions) and read the main takeaways below.

What to Know About Leo Energy

“Leo itself, that fire energy, is such a change from Cancer last month, that water [energy] and heavy emotional releasing. Now we are back to fire, which is passion, drive, excitement, motivation. We want to go, go, go. We want to get out there. Leo energy is all about standing in your power, owning your own skills, owning your own personality and asking for attention because you deserve it. So, don’t be scared. Now is an amazing time to get out, set up a new project, present something to the world. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment: now, girl.”

What to Know About the Full Moon in Aquarius 

“We also have a full moon in Aquarius, which is funny because I pulled the Aquarius energy taro card here and it’s reversed, which is a release, full-moon release. You will see how much your life changes when you finally let go of all of this emotional and energetic baggage, because now, with that clearing, and then, the combination of the Leo energy saying, okay, wow, I feel lighter. I feel like I’ve let go of so much, and I can stand in my true self, my true power now. That is the amazing energy that we want right? Now, that is unstoppable energy.”

What to Know About the Lion’s Gate Portal  

“August 8th is going to be a big change, a big impact. Why? Because on the 8th of August, Sirius, which is the brightest star that lines up with the Earth, that opens this energy of really new timelines, new lives, new everything that you’ve been working for. Or if you’ve been trying to clear things out, you’re going to notice around that date, that is when things have really changed: I really actually started this a while ago, and I achieved it. I really was trying to work on clearing that out, and it’s happening. It’s this big time of noticing that, wow, we are going through an actual ascension. It’s an accelerated ascension, so we have new opportunities for time, energy, money to be spent in new ways, new cycles. You’re going to notice that all of those old people, places, projects, jobs, everything that really, this past mercury retrograde, for example, when we were reviewing, reassessing, now, if you’ve committed to the changes, you’re going to notice that this timeline has closed out, more or less. You might still be wrapping up loose ends and stuff, but things are different now, and comparing to last year, August 8th, you can see that there was a clear fork in the road, and you chose one direction, and that is related to everything – your work, your love, your health, your friends, your family – all of the little decisions we’ve been making up until now, they all accumulate, and then it splits, so now, it’s going to be very apparent.”

What to Focus on This August

“This is an amazing time for us to detach from the material world and focus more on our spiritual self – following, trusting ourselves, and with that Leo energy, it’s hard. Leo rules the heart, so you want to follow your heart, follow your intuition. You want to use that fire energy to start something new, and just dive into it, and if you’re noticing that that new opportunity is showing up throughout August, throughout Leo season, you should take it, and you should stand up for yourself. You should get what is yours, because it’s already yours. You already have everything that you want inside of you. You just got to get out, and find it, okay?”


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