There’s been a resurgence in astrology, but you may have noticed that its tone has changed. According to Steven Forrest, who’s considered one of the founders of evolutionary astrology, this ancient art doesn’t predict events but, rather, prompts us to ask questions. This revival is a testament to the efforts of a new generation of astrologers who are eager to change the collective view of this often misunderstood practice.

Rather than claiming to predict the future with absolute certainty, evolutionary astrology emphasizes free will. Its promise is simple: It will help us shape our own future by teaching us to ask the right questions at key moments in our lives. It’s all a matter of awareness and timing. The symbolic interpretation of the movement of the planets—also known as “transit”—will provide the guidance we need to get through the next two months with confidence and clarity.

July tests us by pushing us out of our comfort zone and encouraging us to accept challenges with enthusiasm. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, which is currently in Aries, encourages us to undertake stimulating projects. But until the 22nd, the season of Cancer sees us seeking refuge in whatever makes us feel secure. And it’s as a result of this tension that significant questions emerge: How do we preserve tranquility while also seizing opportunities for growth? How do we cultivate the self-confidence we need to brave any bad weather ahead? Even if the next few weeks are calling for tumultuous skies, the heavens are giving us a will to succeed.

As the Sun leaves Cancer to make its grand entrance in Leo at the end of July, its relationship with Jupiter becomes much more harmonious. The doubts that have been flooding us and the resistance we’ve been facing could give way to an ease that motivates us to step to the front. At the same time, Venus, the planet of values and relationships, meets up with asteroid Lilith in Cancer. In mythology, Lilith is Adam’s first wife, banished from the Garden of Eden for refusing to submit to his whims. She represents the feminine aspect: powerful, fierce and unshakable. This alignment stimulates us to search for independence and prompts us to assert our will instead of giving in to others. From a collective point of view, this would be a great time to advance several issues in the feminist movement, especially those related to parenthood.

This renewed enthusiasm isn’t without its setbacks. From the beginning of August, tensions begin to mount when Mars, the planet of action, passion and anger, enters Taurus. This transit, as volatile as it is energizing, has great significance this year. It amplifies the tensions that we have felt for months, both on a personal and a collective level. It’s true that spontaneous decisions are needed in certain situations. However, things could prove to be complex as our vision of the future remains out of focus. It’s as if we’re being asked to sprint to an invisible finish line. This transit also activates our rebellious streak and prompts us to have the courage to stand up for the values we hold dear. Fortunately, the pace slows down as the summer progresses and several planets change direction and begin their retrograde phase. And in so doing, the heavens offer us a chance to take a well-deserved break and catch our breath—allowing us to better follow our path.