The first days of February will be filled with a thrilling sort of energy that’s likely to move us closer to our desires—but it will do so in a way that’s sensitive to the moment, so it’s important not to jump to conclusions. It will be best to keep our wits about us in the early days of the month. 

Aquarius season kicked off on January 20 and put eccentricity and innovation on the table as possible drivers of progress. On February 5, a Full Moon in Leo will amp up the electricity in the air, and a visceral need to be heard by the people around us will manifest. During this ripe celestial season, what aspects of your personality will need to be acknowledged so you can feel more a part of the communities you belong to?

A few days later, things will take a turn for the serious when Mercury and Pluto meet, making quite the hardcore pair. When this transit goes down, our thoughts and communication styles will take on new depth and intensity. (Hello, obsessive thinking!) From February 8 to 12, our powers of persuasion will be on the upswing, and so will our focus—it’s the perfect time to take a deep dive into that writing or research project that’s been on the back burner.

Enjoy it while it lasts, because in the following days, you’ll likely see your concentration skills go up in smoke. At month’s end, hearts will be racing, meaning following through on day-to-day tasks will feel more arduous than usual. The astral vibe that sets in will have us wanting to invest more time in cultivating human connection, possibly to the detriment of other responsibilities.

The month of March will begin on a lovely note, with Venus and Jupiter coming together at last and laying the groundwork for lots of personal-growth opportunities. It will be up to us to take advantage. On March 7, Saturn will cruise through Pisces, making us want to put up a “Do not disturb” sign on our proverbial front door—like an artist cocooning in their own little world and then emerging after creating their most beautiful piece yet. Calm your mind, remain open to inspiration and ask the universe: “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say and to whom?” Starting on March 7, intuition will ring truer than reason. Within the light universal fog that sets in later in the month, the new Aries Moon of March 21 will ask us to trust our gut and take a stand. Stay centred amid the noise and ask yourself where that gut feeling is pulling you next.

With Pluto now in Aquarius, the winds of change will be sweeping in on March 23. Throughout this transit, we’ll all be feeling more mindful about letting go of certain parts of our lives to make more room for growth. A new age of transformation will be driving us to drop everything that’s holding us back from truly coming into our authentic selves. Two days later, Mars will finally be exiting Gemini after seven supercharged months of everyone running around with headless-chicken energy, so when we finally arrive in Cancer, we’ll need to feel before we act. Let’s create the space we need before making any spicy moves, okay?

With such significant planetary movements under way, current events are going to set off huge consciousness-raising ripple effects for a whole lot of people. To hold on to hope in the face of such an uncertain future, we’ll need to look within and intuit the best ways to engage and make a difference. Commitment is a powerful antidote to feeling powerless.