Swiss sportswear company On announced today that they would be partnering with multi-talented actress and fashion icon Zendaya for a multi-year collaboration that will reimagine select product collections and produce future creative campaigns that explore well-being and movement through storytelling. A fitting partnership given that before Zendaya was a single-word household name she was a dancer, a medium that famously explores complex themes through movement.

“It’s no secret that I’ve been a big fan of On for a long time,” shares Zendaya in a recent press release. “I’m always wearing them on set, or when I’m traveling, rehearsing or running around with my dog. So it’s a full-circle moment to make this partnership official.”

On, most well known for its ultra comfortable On Cloud collection of running shoes, revealed how Zendaya’s ability to captivate audiences and inspire generations through her meaningful acting role choices and fashion statements (with the support of her longtime stylist Law Roach) drew the brand to the young starlet. The brand believes that Zendaya will bring this same stylistic intention to On as they work to review products through the lens of everyday movement, sports and lifestyle.


“We’ve been massive admirers of Zendaya’s ability to inspire a generation and dream big,” says David Allemann, On’s Co-Founder. “We can’t think of a better partner to help us grow, evolve and connect with people around the world than Zendaya.”

To kick off the partnership, Zendaya stars in an On video campaign directed by C Prinz entitled Dream Together which spotlights the awe inspiring power of dance on film and its ability to bring people together. Set on a race track, Prinz alludes to how sport and movement can connect people from different backgrounds.

“I owe so much to the people around me for getting me to where I am and this film recognizes and appreciates those who support and uplift us every day,” says Zendaya. “I think this feeling of collaboration and inclusiveness shines through in what we’ve created.”

“This film is the beginning of more stories to come and we are eager to bring in new and distinctive voices alongside Zendaya to continue our mission to dream together,” adds Allemann.