WestHouse-The-DenThe 20s art deco-inspired den at WestHouse New York.

When you walk through the vast revolving doors of WestHouse New York, you instantly feel as if you’re at home (if you have marble floors, tufted couches and a floor-to-ceiling library in your living room). Like gracious hosts or old friends, the staff greet you by name as if you’ve been here before and the cozy ’20s art deco decor is somehow familiar.  Aside from the lovely décor, what sets WestHouse apart from other boutique hotels in this fashionable city is its innovative shopping experience. This is how it works; ladies and gents, if you book one of their 16 luxurious suites they’ll hand you a $500 gift to indulge in all your sartorial desires from NET-A-PORTER. Dreamy, right?