Bathing-suit season is fast approaching—and we have the perfect suit for you. Our cover girl,
Emma Roberts, couldn’t resist it—and neither could we: the whimsical Poprageous giraffe piece that Emma is wearing on the subscriber cover. (It’s also the subscriber cover look that
you voted for!) The L.A.-based designer,
Cher Park, chose the image because “giraffes are adorable” and it reminded her of Miley Cyrus. “I love the combination of art and apparel,” says Park. “That’s the concept behind Poprageous. It’s a celebration of what’s going on in pop culture—whether it’s in art, music or fashion. When I saw this giraffe with its tongue hanging out, it completely reminded me of Miley Cyrus. She’s also been rockin’ one-piece bodysuits, so this giraffe exudes her!” Want to have your own Miley moment on the beach?
Tweet us using #gogiraffe and tell us why it’s your perfect summer accessory. We’ll send a suit to the first tweet that makes us LOL. If you don’t win, you can always go to
www.poprageous.com and get your own. For May and June, Park is offering ELLE Canada readers a deal.
Enter the code ELLEPOP20 and she’ll take 20% off the purchase.
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