Celebrity style bride role call (from left to right): Kate Middleton (WireImage.com), Kate Moss (Getty Images) and a wax bridal figure of Kim Kardashian (Getty Images).

You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of bride they are on their big day—or the kind of bride you imagine they’ll become when their wedding day arrives. Since we tend to glean inspirations from the OTT nuptials of our favourite celebs, we thought we would find out which celebrity style  suits your wedding day preference— for a classy gown to rocking afterparty. Take our quiz and find out which recent celeb bride is the equivalent of your wedding day soulmate—stylishly speaking, of course.

1. All eyes are on the bride on the big day, from the moment she rolls up to the chapel to the “just married” send-off at the end of the night. You arrive:

A) Back to the future-style in a vintage Rolls Royce as guests loom outside the church to catch your big entrance.

B) In one of your soon-to-be mother-in-law’s old-school luxe English rides—the horse and carriage is for your grand exit, naturally.

C) In a stretch limo, windows tinted so no one—no paparazzi nor your snap-happy aunt—can sneak a peek of the bride before she steps out herself.

D) On the back of a motorcycle. Throw caution, and fear of helmet hair, to the wind, and tie on white silk bows to the handlebars—your everyday ride is officially bridal ready.

2. One of, if not the single most important fashion choice (no pressure). Your wedding dress is:

A) A flowing sequined gown and matching veil, designed by a dear old friend (who also happens to be a fab Brit designer—no big deal).

B) A fitted English and French lace gown with a V-neck, long sleeves and a nearly nine-foot train to follow.

C) Just one? A triple-run of bridal gowns to change up your look from chapel to reception to the dance floor.

D) A tight-fitted, off-white bodice strategically cut to highlight tattoos and a certain #rightleg.

3. Sure, you’ll toss it at the end of the night but the bridal bouquet is the personalized and standout accessory for walking down the aisle. Yours is:

A) A delicate and pretty retro arrangement of hand-tied white roses, Lisianthus and Marguerites.

B) Fresh-cut lilies of the valley from a locally grown, hometown florist.

C) A bouquet of cream-coloured roses that match a tiara embellished with Schwartz diamonds.

D) A palm-sized arrangement of white orchids—with one standout red accent flower.

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Celebrity style bride role call (from left to right): Kate Middleton (WireImage.com), Kate Moss (Getty Images) and a wax bridal figure of Kim Kardashian (Getty Images). 

4. Other than your bridesmaids, no one will know what kind of bride you’ve been leading up to the big day. The tell-tale sign? The kind of party you throw. Yours is:

A) A three-day affair featuring a swimming pool and culminating with a post-nuptial dive in, wedding gown and all.

B) The fact that you let down your demi-chignon and set up a specially designed dance floor for the night says it all—it’s party time.

C) A lavish, made-for-TV black-and-white themed Old Hollywood reception.

D) A big party for the kids with an open bar to entertain everyone else. Definitely not on a school night.

5. The wedding cake: a feat in artistry, good taste (literally) and stamina (it does need to make it to the first-year anniversary, after all), what kind of dessert wins your “I do”?

A) A six-layer pyramid cake—each a different flavour— with a ribbon of white roses wrapping around the bottom. And a pile of roses placed on top.

B) An eight-tiered confectionery masterpiece of fruitcake covered in cream and white icing and decorated with up to 900 delicate sugar flowers.

C) A chocolate and vanilla multi-tiered wedding cake studded with chocolate chips to keep up with the black and white theme.

D) A naughty-and-nice dessert made of devilish chocolate black forest cupcakes towering high at the head table.

6. The pitch-perfect expression of your deep-seated love, the first song embodies both your unspoken words and musical taste. Choose wisely:

A) You’ve giving your musician/newfound hubby the night off and instead opting for Bryan Ferry to serenade you both with “If There Is Something.”

B) Start off with a mushy, tear-inducing number, like Elton John’s “Your Song,” then up the tempo with that other all-encompassing love song, “You’re the One that I Want” from the Grease soundtrack.

C) Crooner Robin Thicke sings his sugary love ballad "Angels” in person for your first dance as a married couple.

D) At the risk of becoming like every other couple that dances to a slow song with professions of love in rhyme, you opt for a lone cello player to strum throughout the reception.

The bridal style results

Mostly As

Style: Vintage and ethereal
Celeb inspiration: Kate Moss

Capitalizing on the “something old” bridal adage, you prefer storied and charming to shiny and new for your wedding day style. A storybook setting, say a cottage chapel in a quaint, Dickensian village, is far more appealing to you than a ballroom in a five-star boutique hotel. Or Vegas. Own it: pop a bottle of aged Cristal (if you can find one) and consider those new Valentino pumps your modern splurge.

Mostly Bs

Style: Happily ever after
Celeb inspiration: Kate Middleton

The kind of wedding you’ve dreamed about as a child—starring your very own Prince Charming—this is one fairy tale affair plucked right from a storybook. You’ve been planning a picture-perfect ceremony for years–regal and traditional, with an exhaustive guest list to boot—but minus the Cinderella dress and eight-course meal, and you’re left with a beautiful celebration with your closest loved ones. A love story fit for a princess, if we say so.

Mostly Cs

On trend and stylish
Celeb inspiration: Kim Kardashian

Sure, your weekly news source is People and you know where Selena Gomez gets her hair cut, but that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the finer things in life (just a lot of them and mostly at the same time). Can’t decide on the perfect Vera Wang wedding dress? Take your cues from Kardashian’s triple-gown switch-up and party into the wee hours of the morning while a celeb DJ spins top-40 tunes for your still-lively guests.

Mostly Ds

Style: Rock star chic
Celeb inspiration: Angelina Jolie

A non-conformist at heart, you have everything you never thought you wanted, just in a different order (first came several adopted babies in a gilded carriage, then love, and finally marriage). To celebrate the kind of partnership with a binding interconnectedness of the souls, your wedding day is one of many days filled with love, laughter and children running freely, with a ring and low-key party to officially seal the deal—for everyone else’s sake.

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